version 1 // ==/UserScript== var scroll = true; var ONLY_RARES = false; var uncovered = false; function s(x) var egg = document.getElementsByClassName(\"eggs\")<0>; if (eggs) var snapResults = document.evaluate(\"div/a>\", eggs, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null); for (var i = snapResults.snapshotLength - 1; ns >= 0; i--) var elm = snapResults.snapshotItem(i); found = true; //window.location.href = elm.href; (); //Rares s(\"This egg is soft and smells uncannily favor cheese\"); s(\"This egg is really reflective, practically metallic looking\"); s(\"This egg offers off a beautiful glow\"); s(\"This egg looks choose it doesn't belong\"); s(\"This egg is tiny and made the end of number of pieces of paper folded together\"); s(\"This egg is much smaller 보다 the others\"); s(\"This egg has icicles creating on it\"); s(\"This egg is practically too hot to touch\"); s(\"Whenever you go close to this egg your hair stands on end\"); s(\"Oh my. Over there is a Leetle Tree among the eggs\"); s(\"This egg has a faint eco-friendly glow roughly it\"); s(\"This egg shimmers like gold\"); s(\"Mana process throughout this glassy egg.\"); s(\"This egg smells faintly choose brine.\"); s(\"This egg feels like refined stone.\"); s(\"This egg gleams v a reddish shine.\"); s(\"This egg looks prefer it doesn't belong; it is brightly colored through white spots. It's much lighter 보다 the various other eggs.\"); //s(\"This egg screens the colour of both dawn and dusk.\"); if (!ONLY_RARES) // Common //s(\"This egg has strange markings top top it.\"); s(\"This egg smells rather rancid.\"); s(\"This egg is unusually big and heavy.\"); s(\"This egg has a black color cap.\"); s(\"This delicately patterned egg is sit in the sunshine.\"); s(\"This egg provides you feeling a little bit uneasy.\"); s(\"This pink and also red egg wobbles occasionally.\"); s(\"This egg glitters oddly in the light.\"); s(\"Frost is creeping end this cold egg.\"); s(\"This stripe egg feels moist.\"); s(\"This egg is speckled through rosette-like markings.\"); s(\"The surface ar of this egg is rough and sharp.\"); s(\"This egg is encrusted with vivid gemstones.\"); s(\"Cold flames dance throughout the surface ar of this egg.\"); s(\"This egg is patterned v an orange flare.\"); s(\"This egg is covert by part leaves.\"); s(\"This egg shines brilliantly in moonlight, and also is spanned in red spots.\"); s(\"This egg is off-white in color and also smells a little like salt.\"); s(\"This egg has actually a faintly exotic scent.\"); s(\"There is a thin layer of moisture coating this egg.\"); s(\"The air shimmers roughly this egg, together if native heat.\"); s(\"This egg is rocking back and forth in a puddle, creating small waves.\"); s(\"This opalescent egg shimmers in the moonlight.\"); //s(\"This egg is glowing as brightly as the sun.\"); //s(\"This egg has brightly fancy markings on it.\"); s(\"This egg glows from within.\"); s(\"This egg is so small you practically didn't check out it.\"); s(\"This egg feel like refined stone.\"); s(\"This egg is wet from the waves and has shining red stripes.\"); s(\"This enormous egg is extended with thick plates.\"); s(\"This egg smells musty, favor rotting leaves.\"); s(\"This dull purple egg has actually two bright stripes ~ above it.\"); s(\"This egg resembles a glow stone.\"); s(\"You hear strange noises comes from within this egg.\"); s(\"This egg is surprise in the trees.\"); s(\"A tiny puddle the condensation has collected under this egg.\"); if (!found) if (SCROLL) var next = parseInt(window.location.href.charAt(window.location.href.length-1))+1; next = (next 6) ? next : 1; window.location.href = \"\"+next; else window.location.reload();