At the begin of the game, you could think of playing it safe, due to the fact that you only have 1 character. However, you should instead be aggressive. This will certainly be the longest ar of the guide, together everything thorough here will certainly be the in its entirety strategy for many of the game.

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Shelter StrategyFor the an initial day, go with all the loot pile, but DO not PICK up ANYTHING. Simply take enough materials and also parts to handmade a metal Workshop and also Shovel (14 components; 12 wood). Dig your means through the rubble heap as conveniently as you can. Again, perform NOT choose UP noþeles but shot to save track that what friend have and also where castle are. If you have the time, make a crowbar and also open every the locked doors and also cabinets.

After the an initial day, when you return to your shelter, pick up any kind of ‘junk’ items. Since Marko does not have any kind of vices, tobacco, coffee, and herbs must be kept in your sanctuary inventory. The reason is that should you it is in raided, the item taken room from an RNG. The an ext useless items you have actually in your sanctuary inventory, the less likely anything essential will get taken instead.

From right here on out, your emphasis is to only gather sufficient materials to build. Supplement whatever you gathered with every little thing material is left in her shelter. Make sure that in ~ the finish of the day, friend have built as much as friend can and also have used as much products as possible. The following is what you need to have built before the start of “Outbreak the Crime”.

1 BedStove2 catch for tiny AnimalsImproved Heater1 Rainwater CollectorFix all wallsReinforced DoorsLevel 2 steel workshopHatchet (Chop up furnitures when you acquire this)

It may seem favor a tall order, yet if you focus on the appropriate scavenging locations, the is actually an extremely passable come do.

After scavenging at night, Marko will go back to the shelter tired. However do no sleep first. Instead, easily start the construction of noþeles you have to build. You deserve to leave these building and construction unfinished, as any type of materials provided in constructions will certainly not be steal on raid. If you crafting any items leave them unfinished until you have to use them.

Sleep before noon. ~ waking up, use whatever remaining time you have actually of the job to perfect building. Only complete crafting if you need to use whatever item on the next scavenge. Rinse and repeat every day.

ScavengingSome people say the you have to keep a “Stash” the items external when scavenging so that you don’t obtain looted. However, a stash makes it an overwhelming to control materials, and costs extra work to relocate things to-and-fro, and also hinders backpack space.

Instead, store track of the materials needed for the list above and only gather what is necessary to make them. Girlfriend have about 10 days and 10 things check-off. Just focusing on at the very least 1 a day will watch you come the following event.

When scavenging, there room 3 things that you need to look for. These 3 things when you have them, have to be taken v you every night if scavenging to save them from gift raided. Everything else deserve to be stolen without affecting your survivability much.

1 Gun20 BulletsCanned food

To get the gun, target areas with occasions where death soldiers is a positive and also won’t incur emotional penalty. Marko is a reasonably strong fighter, and also after a backstab, deserve to take on most enemies. Equip him through a knife the very first time you find a place (Airport, building and construction Site etc). Castle usually have 2-3 enemies and are loaded through materials. Clearing just 1 that these locations will almost guarantee you sufficient materials and also equipments come last till day 10.

You will certainly only have to eat when every other day (3,5,7, etc). So only scavenge for food before those job (2,4,6, etc). If girlfriend have an ext than 1 raw meat, cook every one of them in ~ the exact same time. Food left top top the stove can be consumed later and also cannot be stolen during raids. If you have food in rat traps, store them in the trap till you are prepared to cook. As soon as you are, chef them in the whole batch.

Rinse and also repeat this process, and you need to reach the next occasion easily.

Outbreak of Crime

From what I review on the forums, this is the part where most human being fail to survive. With all the continuous raiding, exactly how do you go out and scavenge. The answer? you don’t. For the many part, you will just stay in your shelter.

Most court I’ve check out said continuing to be in the shelter is dangerous. Yet if you’ve done everything as I’ve stated so far and crafted the minimum, girlfriend should have no problems. The Reinforced Door is the key, together it is the difference between being able to fend off attackers or not.

With a gun, 20 bullets, and a reinforced door, Marko will have actually no trouble repelling any type of raiders if put on guard duty for the term of the outbreak.

With 2 rat traps, you have to be getting a steady stream of life meat. Also without water, you have to have enough food every 2 days come fend of acquiring hungrier. But, if you had regulated to chef a batch of food prior to the outbreak started, you need to have more than sufficient food to eat there is no worry.

The only time you should leave your sanctuary to scavenge is when you have actually run out of products to do fuel and filters for water so regarding minimise what deserve to be stolen. You should also scavenge if you run out the bullets come prevent getting injured.

Guarding against the raids must be the just time in the video game where injury is possible. You have to still have actually your starting medical supplies in the booty piles and also that must be an ext than enough to critical you.

Rinse and repeat until next event.


Winter deserve to come prior to the end of the outbreak. When this happen, take it as a blessing.

Raids seems to be left often in winter. Excessive winter cold will have no raids, and you have to take this opportunity to scavenge and restock as much as possible. You have the right to listen the radio for once the weather is too cold because that raids.

As much as you can, execute not continue to be in the shelter. If you do, only include fuel come the boosted heater in ~ the finish of the day to conserve resources and also prevent gaining sick. Use the fuels you obtained from chopping increase the beginning furnitures.

Like with raids, this have to be the only time friend can obtain sick under poorly regulated circumstances. Very same with before, you have to have enough medication to obtain through the sickness native your starting loot pile.

Curb top top Crime

There are alongside no raids during this duration and you should take this opportunity to restock as lot as possible. This is the only time in a solo run whereby you deserve to safely go out and scavenge and also keep stocks of products within the shelter.

Use this opportunity to build and upgrade things that girlfriend can’t otherwise carry out with 1 day’s precious of scavenged materials. I imply the upgrading a herb garden come a vegetables garden.

End Game

Now, girlfriend simply have to wait till the finish of the game. Rinse and also repeat the strategy native the beginning. Your rat traps should provide an ext than sufficient food for just Marko to survive. Again, cook in batches, and also stay the end of the sanctuary whenever friend can. That’s it! Congratulations, you survived the war!

The trader (Optional)

If you’ve played the rest of the game, you must know just how the trader works. There’s no genuine strategy below aside indigenous trading things you don’t need for points you need. In Marko’s scenario, you’ll most likely be commerce extra guns and also other high value items for components and water.

Companion (Random)

Sometimes throughout the game, you can be join by an additional character ~ 13+ days. If you have the reinforced door, this should not be a trouble as girlfriend will be able to repel any kind of invaders as long as they room passable at guarding. In fact, this will certainly make things a many easier, together you deserve to scavenge and guard at the exact same time.

I acquired Cveta on work 21, two days prior to the curb ~ above crime during the dead of winter, and also she guarded the worst the the raids with no problems. In ~ that suggest in time, I had actually 10 cooked food ~ above the stove, so even without her, Marko would have actually survived no problem. But with who guarding, you deserve to start stockpiling sources at your shelter, making her life that lot easier.

You might be worried about having to feeding 2 mouths suddenly, however with a properly guarded shelter, you must have much more than enough food left over at scavenging sites to replenish for the last couple of days.

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As proof, this is a screenshot of my group at the end of the war. Note the quantity of food top top the stove, i m sorry was just how I kept my food from being raided. I likewise had everything developed accept the alcohol distiller.