“Hammer Fall” is amongst God that War’s earliest next quests, but getting it calls for several steps. In this guide, we’ll walk you through them all, from accepting the search from a wayward soul in stone Falls to perfect the donate in Veithurgard.

We met the ghost the a man who devoted his life come Thor, however now he is turned versus him. He wants us to ruin a frosting … no the big one in the Lake of Nine, however a smaller one on one island exterior of the lake, adorned in emerald. As lot as Father no gods, ns bet we’ll assist him out.

Stone Falls

Your an initial step is visiting stone Falls, a place in the northeastern Lake that Nine.

place of rock Falls SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony interactive Entertainment The beach is east-northeast that Tyr’s bridge, simply past the Alfheim tower. You need to stop right here to open up the gate to Veithurgard anyway, so friend might also pick increase the few collectibles when you’re here.

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Opening the Veithurgard gates
talk to the spirit you passed earlier to (finally) pick up the “Hammer Fall” donate (or side quest, if you prefer). Head earlier to the boat and paddle through the vast gate you just opened.

Depending top top how far you space in your game, this visit won’t acquire you come 100 percent perfect for stone Falls. (Consider the tomb that you can not open.) you will do it have avenues to return and also collect the remainder later.

Veithurgard Pass

Veithurgard happen isn’t fairly Veithurgard, however there are still a pair things to pick up and find.

The beach

When you first park in ~ Veithurgard Pass, you can uncover the following:

A lore entry directly ahead that you once you beach the canoe.Brok has actually a shop on her left.

That’s it.

Crossing Veithurgard Pass

There space two locations where you’ll fight enemies and also find goodies on your means to the various other side of the Pass.

Squeeze with the small passage just past Brok’s shop, wherein you’ll find the following:

A couple of enemiesHead come the much side the the area and also smash with the planks on the left for a chest.Throw her axe in ~ the spiked door to open it to find a glowing, red sarcophagus (we’re simply going to refer to these as red chests from currently on).

Duck into the tunnel beside the spiked door to proceed on come the 2nd area. Here’s what you’ll find there:

More enemiesA lore entry directly ahead the youA lore entry just to the ideal of the one

Now the time to get to the Veithurgard proper.

To the boat

Now the time to continue on to Veithurgard proper, so go back down to the main area and also crawl under the toppled pillar. Throw your axe to complimentary the boat.

Hammer Fall

To complete the favor because that the heart in stone Falls, you’ll have to ruin that giant, green statue that Thor top top the island in the center of Veithurgard’s lake.

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Paddle into the lake and also beach top top the island. That the one v the large statue the Thor ~ above it. There are a few enemies to handle right top top the beach. Get in the cave directly ahead of you (underneath the Thor statue) for a chest.To begin to topple the statue, climb onto the ledge on your right, then revolve to look at the statue. Throw your axe at the glowing chain-like symbols on the frosting to begin destroying it.While she standing right here, friend can gain the Odin’s raven it is circling the statue. Aim to the left that the statue at around the leftmost point of the raven’s loop. Wait because that it come disappear behind the statue. Right once you watch it again, execute an overhand throw. Your axe should fulfill it and also kill it.Continue along the path to the front side of the statue. Save hitting the glow points until it topples.Walk directly toward the frosting (or where it offered to be, rather) to discover the spirit’s father’s grave. You’ll dig up a legendary axe pommel.Now friend just need to head earlier to rock Falls and also talk to the spirit again to finish his favor. Once you do, you’ll gain one Offering to Tyr crafting source and a pair thousand XP. But there’s more to do below in Veithurgard first.

And that’s it. For more on the area, inspect out ours Veithurgard guide.