The characteristics of the Renaissance included a revitalized attention in timeless Greek and also Roman thought, an raised receptiveness come humanist philosophies, a commercial and also urban revolution, and the start of the modern state.

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The Renaissance, which literally way “rebirth,” to be an era the dynamism, excitement, and change. Human beings reached out toward brand-new ideas and new goals and also extended themselves beyond the limits of what they thought they could achieve.

The Renaissance to be characterized an initial by the growth of humanism, the centrality...

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The Renaissance, i beg your pardon literally way “rebirth,” was an era of dynamism, excitement, and change. Human beings reached out toward new ideas and brand-new goals and also extended themselves beyond the limits of what they thought they can achieve.

The Renaissance was characterized very first by the development of humanism, the centrality of the human being being and human achievements. Renaissance writers, thinkers, and artists concentrated their attention on what it way to it is in human. Authors explored the human being condition. Artist painted the human being body in brand-new and an innovative ways. Thinkers explored the inner operations of the human mind, human relationships, and human society. Just think around the human-centered works of Leonardo da Vinci, because that instance, or Machiavelli"s politics musings in The Prince to obtain an idea of Renaissance humanism.

Even together Renaissance civilization were feather inward in ~ themselves, though, castle were likewise looking backward toward the past. The Renaissance was a time the rediscovery the the classic Greek and also Roman traditions, and also scholars immersed themselves in the philosophies and also texts the the ancient world. They learned the languages, created new translations, and also drew life class from your ancestors. Renaissance queen Elizabeth ns of England, because that instance, translated several ancient works through the likes the Cicero and Seneca.

The Renaissance was likewise a time that discovery, a time when world reached out to the broader world. Explorers prefer Ferdinand Magellan and also Christopher Columbus took to the seas to find new trade routes and brand-new continents. New navigational tools favor the astrolabe and magnetic compass came into more comprehensive use as seafarers ranged aside from that afield. Whole brand-new worlds opened up before European eyes, worlds they had hardly also dreamed to exist.

With this exploration and also discovery, commerce flourished. The Renaissance saw the increase of a money economy, increased trade, banking, and city life. Much more people became connected in business tasks and money making. International, even worldwide, trade blossomed as brand-new sea courses opened new or expanded commercial channels (like spices from the Indies, because that example), and cities grew to incorporate these brand-new ventures.

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Indeed, the Renaissance was an interesting time, filled through possibilities, beauty, great ideas, clinical discoveries, new vistas, and also increasing opportunities.