just how do ns clean the new straw valve?

Simply unscrew the lid then pop up the straw by pushing the trigger. Wash in warmth soapy water, then rinse (or you can pop it on the height shelf of a dishwasher). We recommend letting everything totally dry before putting back in her cupboard. If you want to see the cleaning procedure in action, check out this brief video.

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How execute I reassemble my straw cup?

If the straw has been completely removed v the lid, you’ll must remove the trigger. To do this, simply push it to the left climate the appropriate - it will unclick on each side. Press the straw back up v both the lid and also trigger, then click the trigger ago into place. For much more details, inspect out the product hands-on or clock this short video.

Why is mine lovely cup stained?

Tomatoes space usually come blame! If girlfriend wash her cup alongside pans or bowls that have had strong coloured sauce in, favor tomato or carrot, some of the colour have the right to transfer. This can take place in the sink as well as the dishwasher. To keep your cups looking lovely and also new, put them in ~ the front of the queue if you’re washing up by hand, and also on the height shelf if you’re using a dishwasher. This usually results in under undesirable stains!

room spare lids available?

We’re afraid you can’t buy lids separately, however the good news is the all our cups have interchangeable lids, therefore it’s easy to swap them around. The only exceptions are our enjoy the meal time trainer and also filter party - these have such a distinct design their covering don’t fit various other cups.

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My small one is sucking, but not gaining anything!

Sorry about that - need to be pretty frustrating. Come make points right, take a look at how the cup is assembled - the straw more than likely isn’t in rather right. Follow these steps to make points right:

Unscrew the lid from your cup and push the valve till it locks into the lid.Remove the create from the lid by pushing to the left climate the right.Push the straw earlier up with the lid and also trigger, then replace both.Ensure you traction the straw native the top until the valve seals into position.Replace the lid and shot again - it must all be flowing smoothly!
my cup appears to be leaking, what might be bring about this?

When assembling her straw cup, dual check the you’ve completely pulled the straw from the peak until the seals right into position. Also shot to store the cause down once your little ones not drinking. These two tips need to make for spill-free sipping!

can my cup be sterilized?

Of course! Our cup are perfect for sterilization by vapor (electric and also microwave), by boil (5 minutes) and by cold water tablet / fluid solution. The only exceptions are our insulated active sippee and active straw cups, which are only suitable for cold water sterilization. Remain safe people!

deserve to I placed my cup or bottle in the microwave?

In perfect world, you’d heat your small one’s drink over a stove, stirring to ensure constant heat throughout, climate you’d to water it into their cup. In the genuine world, if your little one desires a warm drink, you’re most likely going to to water the milk or juice into their cup and pop the in the microwave. The great news is that this will certainly not damage our cups (apart from the insulated cup - lock don’t get on well v microwaves). The negative news is that microwaves can reason random hot spots, and also these room not quite for little ones to swallow. So, if you do use the microwave, please leaving the lid turn off to warm, then popular music it on and also give the cup a really good shake or swirl prior to handing it over.

room the straw cups and also beakers dishwasher safe?

We"re pleasure to advise that our Straw cups room all dishwasher safe. The only variable to take into factor to consider is that they need to only be inserted on the top shelf.



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