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The Tommee Tippee very first Sips shift sippy cup is simple to drink indigenous cup, that still manages come be totally leak free. As soon as the website stated it had easy flow, that required tiny sucking, castle weren"t kidding. As soon as coupled v a soft spout that in reality is spill-proof, you have a reasonably impressive little cup. This cup scored a 80 the end of 100 in our tests, which was fairly impressive for a plastic cup, with only the Gerber Graduates Sip & smile scoring higher in plastic body cups. While it didn"t win any awards, we did favor this cup overall, and also had it to be a few dollars cheaper, it could have bumped the Gerber Gaduates Sip & Smile the end of the best Value slot.

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Hands On gear Review

The Tommee Tippee first sips cup is a transition sippy cup do from BPA-free plastic and also silicone. It offers a two manage grip, soft "easiflow" spout the is easy on baby"s gums, and also an interchangeable body that have the right to be used with bottles or the sippy. The comes with a removable cover and also is microwave, sterilizer, and also dishwasher safe. The cups carry out not come in really many varieties or colors, and there room no trademarked characters to be found. It is widely available in both stores and also online.

Performance Comparison

This picture shows a selection of change sippy cups; keep in mind that Pura Kiki (pink sippy on right) is pictured right here with silicone nipple. Because that transitioning, one of two people a softer Pura original Spout or firmer blue XL Sipper Spout deserve to is substituted.


This cup did not leak; no really, not a drop. Which offered it a high score because that leakage in both the sideways, and upside under tests. As if that wasn"t cool enough, unlike some of the competition, this good leakage score likewise came with a spout the was straightforward to drink from. The ease of sucking on this cup was much higher than numerous of the various other cups us tested that additionally performed fine in the leak metrics.
Tommee Tippee first Sips had an easy to drink native spout/valve the earned it points in eco-health for possible much better hygiene compared to cup that required much more sucking power.
This spout is basic to drink from, with continuous flow rate, and small exertion necessary to elicit liquid from the spout. Babies will certainly be able to change to drinking from a bottle through ease given this cup"s easy to usage spout. Baby need to never grow frustrated make the efforts to usage this cup. In addition, we feel the American dentist Association could prefer the much easier to use valve cups provided their desire for less sucking activity for dental hygiene concerns. We favored the manage design, and grip variable on this cup. The body architecture is similar to the Tommee Tippee bottle design, and the nipple indigenous the bottle have the right to be provided on this cup. This might aid babies in discovering one ability at a time, handles before spout drinking. This cup scored a 9 of 10 in all the ease of usage tests; including being lightweight, straightforward to hold, and also easy come suck.
This cup is easy to disassemble, and also clean. It just scored slightly over average in this metric, yet it was better than countless of the other cups us tested, so us still felt pretty great about the low effort it requires. There to be not plenty of parts, and also the components didn"t really require any kind of special tools.

While it claims to be dishwasher safe, we perform recommend hand washing for this and all the plastic cups we reviewed, to reduced down on the potential for the plastic come degrade as soon as exposed to heat sources choose the dishwasher, warm car, or microwave.


This cup did not score well in eco-health. All parts of this cup are made that plastic, so that was greatly a disappointed in this arena. It was a tiny disappointing to find a cup us really kind of liked for its lull of use and leak factor, but have the totality thing, including the spout, be made the plastic.

While the manufacturer walk specify that it is BPA-free plastic, they carry out not point out what sort of plastic that is, or what chemicals were supplied to make it. This is relatively common in the sector so the isn"t a surprise.

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The only other group this cup shed points in was ease that cleaning. Certain we claimed we type of chosen it in the "like" section, yet that to be only contrasted to the other cups in ours tests. Overall, that still felt a small awkward, and also took longer than us felt a cup should take come reassemble or come clean. No a transaction breaker by any kind of stretch, but it is still significant that this cup scored simply 6 of 10 in this metric.


This cup earned a 80 that 100 overall. This to be a pretty outstanding score because that a plastic cup, and also only one various other cup scored higher than this one no issue what they were made of; the Pura Kiki Stainless Sippy which score a 83.

It wasn"t a negative cup really, and if friend are currently using Tommee Tippee bottles, it might be one economical change cup to choose. Through a lightweight, easy to fixed body, and also a super easy circulation drinking spout, it is hard not to favor this cup. Plastic to be the only real downside we felt this cup had. However, we acknowledge that there is a ar for plastic, and also that on the entirety it is a an ext economical choice than the an ext eco-healthy glass and stainless steel options.

Gerber Graduates Sip & Smile, our ideal Value winner scored an superior 79 the 100. No too far behind the Tommee, yet still enough to make it noteworthy. This cup was easy to use, basic to clean, and widely available with an financial price the was about half the price of the Tommee Tippee relying on the day, one-of-a-kind offers, and also seller.