This set includes 23 scaffolded Expository Writing / Informative Writing Graphic Organizers for grades K-6. These organizers work with ANY INFORMATIVE PROMPT! They have been created for each grade level individually to meet the requirements of the Common Core State Standards by following a “Top Ha
Top Hat graphic organizer templates in various sizes and layouts that can be used for a wide range of ages and subjects.Top Hats are essentially a Venn Diagram, but without that annoyingly small bit in the middle, where you're supposed to cram all the similarities. A Top Hat gives you plenty of r
Are you bored with using Venn diagrams and T-charts?! I know my students are. Your students can use this top hat graphic organizer to compare and contrast two books, characters, ideas, etc. I often have my students use this organizer as it keeps them more organized and provides more space to writ

This is a great visual to use when teaching students how to compare and contrast. It allows the differences to be lined up right next to each other for easier comparisons while the similarities are listed on the bottom.
The Top Hat graphic organizer is the new and improved Venn Diagram. Students list out the criteria (Depending on grade level- you may want to help them with what they are looking for) and fill out the compare/ contrast chart out after they have written down as much as they know about the different t
This document the popular Top Hat Graphic Organizer for comparing and contrasting. It is in word so you may edit the directions and the topics that you wish the students to use. It is a nice alternative to the Venn Diagram. It is great for all subjects; comparing texts, words, experiments, proper
A graphic organizer to aid students in organizing their writing when comparing and contrasting two ideas. Easy to use and a different visual compared to the venn diagram.

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The Lesson:So, what we have created for you is a comparing graphic organizer that we like to call Top Hat notes. We know, we’re excited about it, too! We use these nifty organizers to help students guide their thinking as they read. We were finding our students have difficulty effectively organizing
What is a TOP HAT? The TOP HAT is a graphic organizer that is very similar to the Venn diagram. But the advantage to the TOP HAT is students have so much more space to provide information. I have included photos of student work to compare how the TOP HAT really helps students.Please feel fre
Compare and Contrast in a different way! Use this top hat graphic organizer to compare and contrast any two topics. The following is included in this product: (1) top hat graphic organizer Resources You May Also Love: High School Student “Perks” Reward Coupons A Were You Absent Missing Work Sign S.
Help students compare and contrast using this graphic organizer. Differences are at the top of the organizer in a modified t-chart with key terms and phrases to help students recognize that differences should be related:"A banana is yellow and an orange is orange" as opposed to "A banana is yellow a
I love Venn Diagrams, but what happens when you want students to compare/contrast three people or things? I read about a Top Hat graphic organizer for just that purpose, but couldn't find a printable one anywhere. So I created this one.

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Main idea and supporting details is an essential strategy that our readers need in able to adequately and effectively comprehend. It ties what the student is reading all together. This resource of activities, graphic organizers, and crafts can be used with any texts you already have (no texts inclu
Are you ready to jazz up your Jamboards? Do you want your students to collaborate, while still social distancing? This set of 12 Jamboard Templates is perfect for cooperative learning and whole class interactive discussions. Jamboard is an interactive whiteboard in Google Suite. It is available t
This organizer is used for comparing and contrasting with both fiction and nonfiction. It can be used across disciplines as well. The top hat organizer is a great way for students to organize their thoughts. They can use the top hat to organize ideas for an extension into discussion or writing. I
This is a great way to kick off the Thanksgiving Holiday with the shockingly true story! This product debunks popular myths about Thanksgiving Day and shows how it has evolved. This is complete lesson that is eye opening and is a great discussion motivator! Here's what you get:✎ A two page close r
I use this top hat organizer instead of (or in addition to) a Venn Diagram for students to compare and contrast. The students can either write inside the form or I use the cut/paste tabs located at the bottom to enter facts about the topics being studied. Students then sort them into proper categor
This is a graphic organizer that is used to compare and contrast two items in a kid friendly organization. It is in the shape of a top hat; the "hat" portion contains the two items to be compared. The "brim" portion contains the similarities between the two items. This organizer is easier to writ
This packet contains 25 daily writing prompts (February-themed), heart - shaped Graphic Organizer, and 18 pages of theme-shaped, primary lined writing paper. There are 25 different prompts, which include varied writing styles : Steps, Opinion, Persuasive, Creative, and Personal. To go with the promp
Use either of these 2 graphic organizers to compare and contrast text. There is a standard venn diagram and a "top hat" organizer included. This product is made in Word and is totally editable. You can add lines if you'd like or leave it open for students.Thank you to Papchya Santi for the fra

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