Following a historically quiet start to the feather 2014 tornado season, the rubber band snapped. Work of deadly tornadoes have actually been unleashed across the southern United States, and the threat stays on.

From Oklahoma right into Arkansas and Missouri, significant tornadoes obtained the outbreak succession going ~ above Sunday. Up next was Mississippi, Alabama, and also Tennessee and surrounding locations to begin the work-related week.

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More tornadoes space expected top top Tuesday, and also into Wednesday as well.

April 27


Bradshaw, by severechase

Stromsburg, by KDR Media/Jesse Risley


Fort Scott, by St. Louis Storm Chaser

North of fort Scott, by Joe Sheehy


Hume, through Tim Purington


Mayflower, Original resource via Facebook

April 28


Tupelo, by linked Press

Tupelo, through Kholby Martin

Louisville, by Basehunters

Columbus, by David Drummond

This article will be updated as brand-new videos come in.

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Ian Livingston
Information lead and also forecaster because that the Washington Post"s capital Weather Gang.

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