Glama organic Vellum

Glama organic translucents in choose sizes, weights & colors. Glama has actually the appearance of frosted glass, simply slightly masking what is in ~ it.

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Vellum & Parchment - The classic (Animal) Version

Historically, parchment was made by stretching pet skin end a wooden frame and also processing that in ready for writing. When parchment to be a share term because that any pet skin treated in this manner, the hatchet vellum referred particularly to calf skin. Parchment to be made with longevity in mind and was therefore used for important documents such together laws, legit records and the United states Constitution.

Though animal-based parchment is still made today, the is a an extremely time consuming and expensive process, leaving modern-day parchment to be made with cellulose yarn (trees and also plants) and also machinery. While the classic and contemporary versions share similar tactile properties, naturally, castle look really different.

The modern-day (Plant) Version

LCI offers both translucent vellum and also parchment papers. Despite the two are both lightweight, translucent sheets that can be supplied for the same applications, there are aesthetic differences.

Vellum - offered in a vivid Variety

Translucent vellum has the appearance of frosted or stained glass and has a smooth, nearly plastic-like finish.


A much more "crafty" paper, so come speak, it is offered in a range of colors, weights, textures and even envelopes. Vellum is a favorite of the scrapbooking world, yet is also a great addition come invitations, programs, greeting cards, decor, and also more.

Parchment - A timeless Palette

European parchment has actually a cloudy appearance that offers much less clarity 보다 vellum. That is offered in one 24lb translucent weight and also in just two colour - white and ivory.

Parchment is contempt softer and much more porous than vellum together well. Combined with its classic color palette, this sheets room perfect for any design that requires a touch of tradition and also elegance.


Add a feeling of Enticement with Translucent Vellum Paper


Translucent Vellum record - Sheer joy (Pun Intended).

Some call it see-though; some call it transparent; some speak to it sheer. We call it Vellum Paper, comprehensive collection of fragile translucent papers with the beloved appearance the frosted glass and a multitude the uses.

So many Colors. . .

To enhance your project, choose from an outstanding band of colour from clear to smokey black and also every color of the rainbow in between.


And Styles. . .

Within this vibrant spectrum you"ll uncover quality vellum sheets native four different manufacturers. Select from a colorful range of typical translucent vellum, or take it up a notch v elegant european Parchment paper or Japanese Sukashi Floral sample Vellum.

And Sizes! exactly how Convenient.

Vellum is readily available in a variety of standard, practically pre-cut sizes used by an innovative hobbyists and also professionals alike. From small 5x7 vellum to full size sheets and also a repertoire of popular sizes in between, whatever your trade, we"ve obtained you covered.


Use it together an Enticing Overlay or Wrap. . .

The appeal of vellum lies not only its transparency, but likewise in that is versatility. Because of its slim nature, vellum provides an enticing invite wrap or overlay, together invitation details are just slightly clouded through this delicate, light-weight paper.

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. . .Or Why Not publish Right on It?

If you prefer a trickster look, why not print directly on vellum? Vellum renders a good top class on invitations, programs, menu cards, and also more. Publish text, photos, or graphic on translucent vellum, and let the beauty of the file beneath bright through. Vellum likewise makes a stylish insert sheet within a folding card or program design.