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"Treat Her Like a Lady" is a 1971 single by Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose. Written by Eddie Cornelius, it was a huge success in the Amerihave the right to R&B and pop charts reaching the U. S. R&B Top 20 and also the Billboard Hot 100 No. 3 in July. The song likewise charted in Canada, reaching No. 10. Billboard ranked "Treat Her Like a Lady" as the No. 15 song for 1971. The record was awarded a gold disc on 2 August 1971 for one million sales by the Recording Indusattempt Association of America (RIAA). even more »

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All my friends had actually to ask me Something they didn"t understandHow I acquire all the woguys in the palm of my handI told them treat her choose a ladyDo the finest you deserve to doYou gotta treat her favor a lady, she"ll provide in to youLord, you have the right to look for, you know what I mean I understand you"ve heard That the woman Soon takes advantage of youLet me tell you My friend There simply ain"t no substituteSo, you ought toTreat her favor a lady Do the ideal you can doYou gotta treat her favor a ladyShe"ll give in to youLord, you can seek, you know what I meanOh, you"ve gained to love her, tease herBut most of all you"ve obtained to please herYou"ve gained to organize her, and desire her And make her feel you"ll constantly require herYou understand a womale is sentipsychological and also so basic to upsetSo make her feel that she"s for genuine And she"ll offer you happinessWoah, oh, oh, starray as it seemsYou know you can not treat a woman intend So my friend tright here you have itI said it"s the straightforward simple wayIf you fail to carry out thisDon"t blame her if she looks my way"Causage I"m gonna treat her like a lady So affectionatelyI"m gonna treat her prefer a ladyShe"ll give in to meLord, you can look for, you understand what I mean Oh, you"ve gotta treat her choose a ladyDo the best you can doYou gotta treat her prefer a lady

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Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose was a family soul singing group from Dania Beach, Florida, that attained brief popularity in the early on 1970s. The original members were the siblings Carter Cornelius, Eddie Cornelius, and also Rose Cornelius. Anvarious other sister, Billie Jo Cornelius, was added later. On January 18, 2001, the making it through members of the team filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit versus Capitol Records, Cornelius v. EMI Music, Inc., Case No. 011359 CA-08, in the Miami Dade Circuit Court.

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They are still awaiting the resolution to this lawsuit. even more »