Are you utilizing Trebuchet together you have the right to customize it follow to your preference? Or you have just heard the this comfortable & customizable launcher from your friend? Well, whatsoever you know we will certainly add much more and tell friend everything around what is trebuchet Android.

Many users claim that the trebuchet launcher comes to protect against in the middle of operations. They get frustrated to check out it prevent operating, together they love to save it on your devices. No worries, we will certainly share the hacking on just how to save the launcher functioning.

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So, take a coffee, and seat beside this post because we space going come uncover every little thing you desire to know about Trebuchet.

The summary of Trebuchet launcher

Android lover love to keep such launcher i beg your pardon is basic to custom and light to keep on their android devices. Thus many human being opt for android over iPhone. The Trebuchet is a member the those types of the launcher i beg your pardon comes through customizable functionality and many rewarding features.


The key reason to save this impressive launcher on her mobile phone is to change the shortcuts icons, change the transition of home displays and an ext importantly change the dock buttons.

This launcher comes to its customers in two various modes. The complimentary and the paid variation both that them have actually the same functionality. The difference set on the showcasing ads or not. Well, to stop boring ads, you must go with the paid version.

You may discover the app on various websites but preferably download the from PlayStore. Hence, you need not hack the mechanism to download and also install it, again no need to root her Android maker to save the ball rolling. The trebuchet would certainly be straightforward to download and experiment on her phone.

If friend ever pertained to use the launcher then you would obtain to see the launcher change display background consisting of the icons, and also readjust the doc settings with the house screen. The funny is friend may adjust or customize them.


For example, you mostly use the flashlight, Camera, Contacts and a specific app, in that case, you can place that over carefully to the house screen. Hence, you might easily uncover them without looking for them. To perform so, girlfriend only require to change the doc settings and thus in one tap, you have the right to keep lock close come the house screen.


Above below you can see few of the apps come to your home screen, and also for that, you can uncover them comfortable to usage whenever friend want.

What room the main features of Trebuchet?

Trebuchet comes v some astounding features indeed. An ext importantly, those attributes are infused by the developer smartly so every one of them come handy because that you.

A an excellent array of layout customization:

First off, the main benefit of using the launcher is to get all the themes compatible v it. Hence, every you must sort the end the one specific best design template that suits great with her device. Us recommend maintaining the default one as it stands out good and easily customizable. Finally, Trebuchet Launcher pie permits you to have so many totally free themes

HD Wallpapers

The launcher has a great arsenal whereby you will find lots that HD wallpapers and collection one that them follow to your choice. The large collection of those Wallpapers will provide you ease to experiment with countless of the beautiful wallpapers.

Shortcut come contacts

You might create countless shortcuts out of the information menu therefore, you may keep her favorite apps comfortable at any type of time.

Easy to control app

As you have the right to customize the doc settings so that you have the right to easily control the app likewise you can go come the application settings and set them according to your choice as well.

Apply toolbox

It is among the an excellent features that you will pertained to experience through the launcher. The toolbox will allow you to drag and drop many apps altogether. Like, you can now fall the comparable types of app in the same place. For example, the apps which room social apps, now on you deserve to arrange lock or store them there.

Speedy launcher:

One that the an essential reasons to choose a launcher is to have actually a fast-paced feature. Thankfully, the Trebuchet is fast enough to explore and also we uncover it the adhering to stuffs the make the faster and also better

Memory BoosterPhone BoosterSpeed BoosterSmart FolderNotification Bar

Safe and also Sound:

No problem whatsoever feature you may have actually until the launcher is no safe and also sound climate you won’t discover interest to use. Well, the application comes through so countless sub-features concerned the safety and security features and also they are:

AppLockHide AppsLock ScreenAnti-Theft Protection

What space the upcoming features of Trebuchet 2020

Trebuchet committed to making excellence and keeping this in mind, they room going to carry on the adhering to latest functions to you

Notification badgesProtected apps3D themes & upgrade the Live WallpaperDark themesLatest ellipse shapeIcon packsNotification bar would certainly be much more colorful with dotsEasy to tradition the network sizeFix numerous bugs

How to fix Trebuchet when you discover trebuchet has stopped


If something often tends to acquire trouble and we i will not ~ let girlfriend know how to resolve the problem then there is no suggest in staying and reading our article. We have actually just shown up a short review on What is trebuchet android, and also now we will certainly discuss regarding the error.

Well, before going to the discussion part like exactly how you might solve the out, let’s offer you the vital reason why does this problem concerned you. among the main reasons to view trebuchet has stopped working is because of the instead of of your Rom or customization Rom. However, instead of of her Rom may give you extra effort to go extra milage but the con you challenge with device moderation. Hence, the difficulty would end up being to you.


Important pointer to understand to prevent the Trebuchet Android Error

Well, as you are dealing with the issue and don’t know how to deal with up then let’s come v a systems for you. Now, read between the present of the complying with tips to get over native it.


Tip 1- inspect out the Google App:

It is the easiest way so much to eliminate the issue. So when you have disabled the Google application you likely confront the concern on her Android phone. Hence, to type it out, then you must need to fix this misconfiguration first. Below is the tip to deal with the problem of permitting Google App:

Go come the Settings>Apps


Now examine out whether the Google App permits to the system or not. If girlfriend won’t uncover then make certain to permit it.

Afterward, again inspect out as the worry has addressed or not. When you find the problem even after ~ by law this climate you must work top top the complying with tips once again.

Tip 2 – clean Cache and Data the Trebuchet Launcher:

Go come App Settings>Apps

Now, open up the tab that Trebuchet

Click top top the Force Stop button and also clear all the cache and also data

Afterward, you should restart her Android Phone

Now, you room done here and also this seems efficient for many people. However, the won’t make your issue solved then you should go through the complying with tip.

Tip: 3 change the settings of Trebuchet

This would be the final forge on the Trebuchet error. We uncover this concern pretty effective, all you need to do is to bring with a little change in the Trebuchet settings. So below are the following steps to adjust the trebuchet settings:

First off, you have to press the menu button, where you will find the Trebuchet SettingsOnce you gain your hand on the Trebuchet settings then walk to the dock divider. Over there deselect it and again select itAfterward, through the Trebuchet settings, now you require to set the home display number upon 7Then girlfriend will require to permit the search bar

Here you room done & congratulation as you have uncovered your own method to resolve the issue!


How do I adjust the launcher in family tree OS?

What is Trebuchet Launcher?


It is a kind of Android launcher the come native the team that LineageOS tradition ROM particularly run ~ above Android devices. Now, it functions on nearly all species of Android devices.

How do you fix a trebuchet that has stopped?


You can easily do so by going to the application settings slide to the ideal tab where you find the Trebuchet and also then merely press the “force stop”. Afterward, move on to the cache and storage settings.

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Final Note:

Now that is the taking leave time mine friends! Hopefully analysis this blog gives you the critical idea to deal with the Trebuchet error settings. Now you won’t watch trebuchet to stop once again. Besides, you likewise get to know what is Trebuchet android and the functionalities together well. However, if you ever find any further trouble then we room all ear to you, every you should do is to i ordered it to us on email and also send a mail v it. We will shortly come through a solution and sort the end whatever difficulty gives friend the pain.