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The wait is over. After succeeding changes and also postponements due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 Twenty20 Cricket human being Cup is here.

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Due to be played in Australia last year, and also then moved to India prior to it to be again relocated, the saturday edition that the T20 human being Cup will take location in the United Arab Emirates and also Oman end the next 4 weeks, marking the first time the Middle eastern has held the event.

An occasion that never fails to deliver large and exciting moments, this year"s T20 human being Cup will see 16 nations represented by the world"s ideal men"s short-format cricketers.

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West Indies space the defending champions from 2016, and have won the tournament a record two times, however will face fierce vain from civilization No. 1 England together with the likes of India, Australia and brand-new Zealand because that this year"s crown.

When is the ICC T20 people Cup?

Dates: Oct. 17 to Nov. 14

The ICC T20 world Cup was originally scheduled because that October 2020 in India. The rescheduled T20 people Cup will begin on Sunday, Oct. 17 in United Arab Emirates and Oman. 

The last will take ar on Sunday, Nov. 14. 

T20 world Cup TV & streaming in the USA

TV channel: n/a Live stream: ESPN+

ESPN+ will stream the T20 human being Cup beginning Sunday, Oct. 17. The streaming company will show all matches in English and Hindi.

Coverage will begin at 6 a.m. ET for first-round matches, starting with Oman vs. Papua new Guinea, complied with by Bangladesh vs. Scotland at 10 a.m. ET. ESPN+ will also show footage from the warm-up matches featuring India, West Indies, England, new Zealand, Australia and more.

ESPN+ provides a subscription because that $6.99 a month ($69.99 per year). Fans can likewise purchase The Disney Bundle, which allows accessibility to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu or $13.99/month (Hulu with ads) or $19.99/month (Hulu without ads).

Click below to learn an ext about ESPN+ pricing and also bundling options.

Who is play in the T20 world Cup?

There will be 16 groups playing in the 2021 T20 people Cup.

IndiaPakistanAustraliaEnglandSouth AfricaNew ZealandWest IndiesAfghanistanSri LankaBangladeshNetherlandsPapua brand-new GuineaIrelandNamibiaScotlandOman

T20 civilization Cup draw

The teams for this year"s T20 people Cup are noted below. The very first matches for Round 1 group B will complete on Sunday, Oct. 17, while group A will start on Monday, Oct. 18. Native there, teams B and also A will alternating days for competition.

Teams will play in round 1 of the tournament, v the top from each team progressing come the supervisor 12s against the top-eight ranked T20 cricket nations.

Group 1 compete will start on Saturday, Oct. 23, followed by group 2 competition start on Sunday, Oct. 24. The teams will additionally alternate days because that competition till the semifinals start on Wednesday, Nov. 10.

There will certainly be 45 games in the tournament including the final. 

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T20 civilization Cup groups

Round 1

Group AGroup B
South AfricaNew Zealand
West IndiesAfghanistan
1st in round 1 group A1st in round 1 team B
2nd in ring 1 group B2nd in ring 1 team A

MatchDateTime (ET)Location
Oman 0/131 def. Papua new Guinea 9/129Sunday, Oct. 176 a.m.Oman
Scotland 9/140 def. Bangladesh 7/134Sunday, Oct. 1710 a.m.Oman
Ireland v. NetherlandsMonday, Oct. 186 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Sri Lanka v. NamibiaMonday, Oct. 1810 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Scotland v. Papua brand-new GuineaTuesday, Oct. 196 a.m.Oman
Oman v. BangladeshTuesday, Oct. 1910 a.m.Oman
Namibia v. NetherlandsWednesday, Oct. 206 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Sri Lanka v. IrelandWednesday, Oct. 2010 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Bangladesh v. Papua new GuineaThursday, Oct. 216 a.m.Oman
Oman v. ScotlandThursday, Oct. 2110 a.m.Oman
Namibia v. IrelandFriday, Oct. 226 a.m.Sharjah
Sri Lanka v. NetherlandsFriday, Oct. 2210 a.m.Sharjah

MatchDateTime (ET)Location
Australia v. Southern AfricaSaturday, Oct. 236 a.m.Abu Dhabi
England v. West IndiesSaturday, Oct. 2310 a.m.Abu Dhabi
A1 v. B2Sunday, Oct. 246 a.m.Dubai
India v. PakistanSunday, Oct. 2410 a.m.Dubai
Afghanistan v. A1Monday, Oct. 2510 a.m.Sharjah
South Africa v. West IndiesTuesday, Oct. 266 a.m.Dubai
Pakistan v. New ZealandTuesday, Oct. 2610 a.m.Sharjah
England v. B2Wednesday, Oct. 276 a.m.Abu Dhabi
TBD v. TBDWednesday, Oct. 2710 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Australia v. A1Thursday, Oct. 2810 a.m.Dubai
West Indies v. B2Friday, Oct. 296 a.m.Sharjah
Afghanistan v. PakistanFriday, Oct. 2910 a.m.Dubai
South Africa v. A1Saturday, Oct. 306 a.m.Sharjah
England v. AustraliaSaturday, Oct. 3010 a.m.Dubai
Afghanistan v. TBDSunday, Oct. 316 a.m.Abu Dhabi
India v. Brand-new ZealandSunday, Oct. 3110 a.m.Dubai
England v. A1Monday, Nov. 110 a.m.Sharjah
South Africa v. B2Tuesday, Nov. 26 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Pakistan v. TBDTuesday, Nov. 210 a.m.Abu Dhabi
New new zealand v. TBDWednesday, Nov. 36 a.m.Dubai
Afghanistan v. IndiaWednesday, Nov. 310 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Australia v. B2Thursday, Nov. 46 a.m.Dubai
West Indies v. A1Thursday, Nov. 410 a.m.Abu Dhabi
New new zealand v. TBDFriday, Nov. 56 a.m.Sharjah
India v. TBDFriday, Nov. 510 a.m.Dubai
Australia v. West IndiesSaturday, Nov. 66 a.m.Abu Dhabi
England v. Southern AfricaSaturday, Nov. 610 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Afghanistan v. Brand-new ZealandSunday, Nov. 75 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Pakistan v. TBDSunday, Nov. 79 a.m.Sharjah
India v. TBDMonday, Nov. 89 a.m.Dubai

MatchDateTime (ET)Venue
Semifinal 1 — A1 v. B2Wednesday, Nov. 109 a.m.Abu Dhabi
Semifinal 2 — B1 v. A2Thursday, Nov. 109 a.m.

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FinalSunday, Nov. 149 a.m.Dubai