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There is no "USA UK MEGA MILLIONS and BBC nationwide Lottery." Therefore, online users who have received the lottery scamming email article below and others like it, which case they have won or to be awarded thousands or millions of dollars in the USA UK MEGA MILLIONS and BBC national Lottery, should delete the messages. This since the fake messages are being sent by lottery scammers to trick digital users into sending lock their an individual information. And, when the scammers have their potential victims’ an individual information, they will certainly ask them to send advance fees in stimulate to claim their so-called lottery prizes. As soon as the scammers got their victims’ money, they will certainly disappear or effort to get more money from their victims.

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it is vital to remember that legitimate service providers will never ask their lottery winners come send their personal information via email post or send money in bespeak to receive their prizes. Therefore, if virtual or web users are asked to execute the same, that need to be the an initial indicator the someone is attempting to scam them.

The "USA UK MEGA MILLIONS and BBC national Lottery" Scam


UK Office 2 Lansdowne Row, Berkeley Square, London, united Kingdom.

Attn: email holder

we happily announce come you the attract of USA UK MEGA MILLIONS and BBC national LOTTERY virtual Sweepstakes worldwide program held this 2017.

This is to educate you the you have won prize money USDS950,000.00 (Nine Hundred and also Fifty thousand United states Dollars Only) because that 2017 compensation promotions which is organized by YAHOO, AOL, home windows LIVE & BBC this 2017, YAHOO, MICRO SOFT and also BBC collects every the email addresses the the human being that are energetic online, amongst the millions the subscribed to Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail and couple of from other e-mail providers. Ten people are selected every two years to advantage from this promotion and you are one of the Selected Winners.

you re welcome remember friend did not enter or buy the ticket to knife you this prize. The is a promotion program come encourage the use of Microsoft and internet programs PAYMENT of PRIZE and also CLAIM.

Winners chandelier be payment in accordance through his/her settlement Center. USA UK MEGA MILLIONS and BBC nationwide Prize Award need to be claimed no later on than 20th days, from day of attract Notification. Any type of prize not declared within this period will be forfeited. Stated below are her identification numbers: BATCH NUMBER: MFII08IAPA-43658, referral NUMBER: 2008234522 PIN: 1208, winning NUMBER: 13 15 35 62 74 12.

these numbers autumn within the London place file, friend are requested to contact our fiduciary certified dealer in united Kingdom and also send your winning identification numbers to him for payment:

call YOUR claims AGENT NAME: NEWTON BROWN E-Mail: newton.brown

You room advised come send the following information to your claims Agent to facilitate the release of that your fund to you.

1. Full name.

2. Call Address.

3. Call Number.

4. Occupation.

5. Batch Number

6. Recommendation Number

7. Pen Number....

8. Win Number.

Congratulations!! once again.

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your in service,

Mrs. Janet McQuin

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