Over the last number of weeks, #phonologicalfriday has been concentrating on syllables. This is the sixth short article in a 7 component series ~ above syllable varieties written through Massey University’s Dr. Tom Nicholson. He has previously composed on closeup of the door syllables, open up syllables, vowel-consonant-e syllables and also the r- affected vowel pattern. This week the has created a sample lesson setup for to teach the vowel teams.

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Vowel groups or collection pairs are two nearby vowels discovered in the same syllable that develop one vowel sound.


Some syllables include more than one vowel. These room vowel groups (or digraphs) such together EI, OI, OU, EE, AI, EW, AY. The vowel teams only have actually one sound. There room some exception to this rule. They space unstable digraphs where each collection keeps that sound (e.g., QUI-ET, CHA-OS).

Opening that the lesson

Teacher: deserve to you tell me a two-syllable indigenous that contains a collection team?

Student: No

Teacher: How numerous syllables in FIFTEEN?

Student: Two, FIF-TEEN

Teacher: I will certainly write the word. There are three vowels however you say over there are only two syllables. Why is that?

Student: Is it due to the fact that we just hear 2 syllables in the word?

Teacher: Yes, the is due to the fact that the EE stands for simply ONE sound. The EE pattern is referred to as a vowel digraph or vowel team due to the fact that the team gets with each other to make simply one sound.

Middle the the lesson

Teacher: I will write these words ~ above the whiteboard. I want you to check the vowels and also put a line in between the syllables. Review these words v me

eeai, eaoiaw


Close the the lesson

Teacher: What go we study today?

Student: vowel teams

Teacher: It was the vowel team syllable kind where there are two vowels favor AW or OY the make one vowel sound.


Dr. Tom Nicholson is a freelance writer, formerly a professor of education and learning at Massey college in new Zealand and a member of the analysis Hall of Fame. One day, in the future, he plans to have his very own website, write a children’s book on phonics and how the can help you come read, and learn just how to sketch with proper perspective.

You can contact Dr. Nicholson at: t.nicholson


Henry, M. (2010). Unlocking Literacy: efficient decoding & assignment instruction (2nded.). Baltimore, Maryland: Paul H. Brooks posting Co.

Stanback, M. L. (1992). Syllable and also rune otters for teaching reading: Analysis of a frequency-based vocabulary the 17,602 words. Annals of Dyslexia, 42, 196-221.


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