Yes, you deserve to paint a beautiful picture of the sea in watercolor with just one brush and one color. So let’s begin. Below the video is one outline and also written tutorial simply to do the whole procedure easier come understand.

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Painting The Sea In Watercolor – rundown Of Tutorial 

Layout of MaterialsMaterials ListIntroducing the BrushPractice using the flat of the BrushPractice utilizing the thin of the BrushPractice using the pointer of the BrushNow to repaint a Sea Scene

1. Layout of painting Materials


We room using a hake brush the is ⅝” wide. This brush has actually three sides: The flat side, the slim side and also the tip.

We will practice 3 brushstrokes to present you how to usage each side. Stop begin!

4. Practice Using The flat Side Of your Brush


1-3 are slow-moving strokes throughout the file using the thin side of the brush.

1 to be a very watery mix, 2 was a thicker mix and also 3 was a an extremely thick mix.

You have the right to use this slow-moving stroke for painting a peninsula, short mountains and forests in the distance.

4-6 are quick strokes across the file using the slim side of the brush. (I practised these strokes top top scrap paper first because if the brush is as well wet friend won’t get that sparkling effect. By act one or numerous strokes top top scrap record you remove the overfill water).

You have the right to use this punch for paint ripples in the sea.

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6. Exercise Using the pointer of the Brush


Finally together a focal suggest for the paint let’s paint a fishing boat. It’s challenging to explain how to carry out this in indigenous so you re welcome watch the video. The main point is to usage the reminder of your brush. For thin poles you deserve to just dab the file with the reminder of the brush. Execute practice a few times ~ above scrap record before trying v your last painting.

Want come paint an additional picture?

I yes, really hope you appreciated this great of exactly how to repaint the sea in watercolor. If you want to repaint some much more lovely paints using just one brush and one shade then you can uncover out an ext information on mine website. Below is the link: