the is no clear come me even if it is water of maddening have the right to be supplied as a thrown weapon to its full effect, or just to the impact of unholy water.

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The allude of contention at my table to be this sentence:

In addition, any kind of creature the is anointed through or drinks this fluid must effort a Fortitude conserve (drinking the water that maddening is an especially effective—a biology that drinks the liquid takes a –4 penalty on its conserve to withstand its effects). Success causes the creature to become violently ill, vomit up the fluid, and also become sickened because that 1d4 rounds.

Point being the to it is in hit by the water might not it is in the same as to be anointed and that the referral in spell summary to the thrown weapon dosage might only be to the unholy water usage of it.

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Using the spell water the maddeningThe spell water the maddening (or, as originally presented at least three times—most freshly in Book of the Damned (2017)—, water that Lamashtu) permits the caster to take it a standard action wiggling fingers, chanting nonsense, and disposing of 250 gp of powdered amber to develop at up to close selection a variety of flasks of this "foul secretion" same to the caster"s caster level halved. (This is as per the spell"s Effect entry.) every flask the spell creates then exists forevermore nonmagically (as the spell"s a conjuration (creation) spell through a expression of instantaneous), and also each flask additionally functions as a flask that unholy water, this latter information making every flask a splash weapon.

(I restate this all due to the fact that a reader that reads just the spell"s description could confuse the water of maddening spell through the create water spell (the result of which, because that example, have the right to be dumped appropriate onto part on-fire fool), however the water the maddening order isn"t really similar to that: it create both that foul secretion and the flask it"s in!)

Using a flask the water of maddening

The spell"s description says that "ny biology that is anointed with or drinks this fluid" might be influenced by it. Words anointed has no mechanically Pathfinder-specific definition, but, in actual life—where a reader need to go when the game is of no help—, is really precise, and its usual usage doesn"t usually mean hucking a problem that"s quiet in a flask in ~ a dude. (Such a definition, though, would make even more awesome Psalm 23.) Nonetheless, this is Lamashtu we"re talk about, and that god might think it"s hilarious come "anoint" who in such a fashion.

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Thus this reader deserve to imagine a GM judgment whatever method he wants. That is, one GM may see the flasks as hideously unbalanced splash weapons and have the flasks work largely like flasks the unholy water, judgment that anointing someone method taking a minute or so to smear ceremonially the materials on a helpless or willing creature"s body or something. An additional GM may see no difficulties with the flasks and rule the anointing foes by throw flasks of water the maddening in ~ them is completely legit.

(Paizo threads from 2011 and 2013 sort of take it for granted the a flask of water the maddening"s complete efficacy is realized as soon as a flask is used as a splash weapon, but an additional thread native 2014 disagrees. There"s no main ruling ~ above this facet of the spell that I could find— creative director James Jacobs, because that example, discusses the order (and, through extension, the ramifications of other deity-specific spells) in a thread indigenous 2011, however he doesn"t deal with the anoint issue.)

Honestly, indigenous a worldbuilding perspective, this GM finds it contempt overpowered if a flask the water the maddening have the right to be offered for that full effect as a splash weapon. If the spell has actually a 250 gp product component, its casting time of 1 typical action method during a lull in an adventure a caster might create many, plenty of flasks for complimentary via the assignment blood money. This provides flasks that water of maddening essentially totally free for NPCs as such making together flasks the go-to weapon for, because that example, city guards who will find their work much less complicated if lock can loosened en masse ranged touch strikes that either sicken a lawbreaker ~ above a successful conserve or transaction 1d6 clues of Strength and also Dexterity damages to a lawbreaker ~ above a fail save!

(For comparison, 1d6 Str and Dex capacity damage is premium to many poisons. And, back the water of maddening can"t reduce a creature"s str or Dex listed below 1, since the save DC against the water is random on the spell"s caster, the water"s conserve DC will likely be greater than the DCs of many poisons.)

That said, this GM would separation the difference. A biology that has in hand a flask of divine water have the right to take a standard activity that doesn"t provoke attacks of possibility to splash the contents of that flask on an surrounding foe (usually one that"s incorporeal due to the fact that holy water flasks don"t break versus incorporeal creatures). With such rule in mind, this GM finds that process sufficiently close come "combat anointing." His house dominance would be something like An attacker wielding a flask of water the maddening can take it a standard action to do a melee touch assault to anoint a creature. Success method that the creature suffers the full impact of the water of maddening. (This way the city guards must at least acquire close to the lawbreakers!)