February 2017 to be brighter than usual, v the term of sunshine in the month much more than 40 percent over normal. The month was also reasonably mild v a mean temperature the 17.0 degrees, 0.2 degree above the normal of 16.8 degrees. The monthly complete rainfall was 19.9 millimetres, less than fifty percent of the regular of 54.4 millimetres. The gathered rainfall of 27.7 millimetres in the very first two month of the year was around 65 percent listed below the common of 78.9 millimetres because that the same period. The month had a mild begin with sunny durations on the first day. A freshening easterly airstream lugged cloudier conditions and also slightly cooler weather end the next couple of days. V the northeast monsoon moderating and also humid naval air relocating in in the direction of the shore of Guangdong, the weather was a mixture that sunshine, haze, mist and also some rain job on 4 and also 5 February. Easterly winds strengthened top top 6 February and also once again brought cloudier and also slightly cooler weather to Hong Kong end the next pair of days. With a cold former moving throughout the coastal areas that Guangdong ~ above the night that 8 February, neighborhood winds strengthened native the north and also temperatures fell substantially overnight. Under the influence of an intense winter monsoon adhering to the i of the cold front, the weather ended up being cold and dry in the next three days. ~ a it will be cold morning on 11 February, the lingering clouds were finally cleared away and a assignment of sunny weather it s long for an ext than a week till 18 February. With plenty the sunshine and also the northeast monsoon subsiding, the weather ended up being rather warm on 16 – 18 February together daytime temperatures climbed to the mid-twenties. Influenced by a moist naval airstream, the weather turned typically cloudy v a few rain job and reasonably low visibility top top 19 February. Warm problems returned the next day together the clouds thinned out and also temperatures in ~ the Hong Kong Observatory rose to a best of 25.5 degrees, the highest possible of the month. The marine airstream additionally brought foggy weather come Hong Kong ~ above the morning that 21 February through visibility in ~ Waglan Island falling below 200 metres. V the setting in that a fresh to solid easterly airstream that day, the weather turn cooler and cloudy v rain patches, and a couple of thunderstorms also influenced Hong Kong on the morning that 22 February. Complying with the i of a cold front early on 23 February, an intense northeast monsoon carried overcast sky, light rain patches and cold mornings that persisted because that the next three days. Temperatures at the Hong Kong Observatory dropped to a minimum of 10.6 levels on the morning the 26 February, the lowest of the month. Under the affect of a dry continent airstream, there to be sunny durations with cool mornings in the direction of the finish of the month.

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There was no dry cyclone end the southern China Sea and also the western phibìc Pacific in the month.

Details that issuance and also cancellation of assorted warnings/signals in the month room summarized in Tables 1.1 to 1.4. Monthly meteorological figures and also departures from regular for February room tabulated in Table 2.

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Table 1.1 strong Monsoon Signal

beginning Time finishing Time Day/Month HKT Day/Month HKT
6 / 2 1615 7 / 2 1645
8 / 2 1945 9 / 2 1145
21 / 2 0945 22 / 2 0245

Table 1.2 Thunderstorm Warning

start Time finishing Time Day/Month HKT Day/Month HKT
22 / 2 0045 22 / 2 0415

Table 1.3 Fire hazard Warnings

Colour start Time finishing Time Day/Month HKT Day/Month HKT
Red 9 / 2 0745 12 / 2 0600
Yellow 12 / 2 0600 12 / 2 2300
Red 13 / 2 1130 13 / 2 1930
Red 14 / 2 0745 14 / 2 2245
Red 15 / 2 0745 15 / 2 2145
Yellow 18 / 2 0600 18 / 2 1800
Yellow 19 / 2 0600 19 / 2 1145
Yellow 26 / 2 1130 26 / 2 1800
Red 27 / 2 1300 27 / 2 2245

Table 1.4 Cold Weather Warning

start Time finishing Time Day/Month HKT Day/Month HKT
8 / 2 1620 12 / 2 1010
23 / 2 1620 27 / 2 0715

Table 2 Figures and Departures from common - February 2017

Meteorological aspect Figure that the Month leave from Normal*
Mean everyday Maximum air Temperature 20.0 levels C 1.1 degrees over normal
Mean air Temperature 17.0 degrees C 0.2 degree above normal
Mean everyday Minimum waiting Temperature 14.9 levels C 0.1 degree below normal
Mean Dew allude Temperature 12.2 levels C 0.8 degree below normal
Mean family member Humidity 75 % 5 % listed below normal
Mean Cloud Amount 65 % 9 % below normal
Total Rainfall 19.9 mm 34.5 mm listed below normal
Number of hrs of lessened VisibilityΔ 34 hours 102.2 hours listed below normal§
Total glowing Sunshine Duration 139.9 hours 45.7 hours above normal
Mean Daily an international Solar Radiation 13.31 Megajoule / square metre 3.92 Megajoule over normal
Total Evaporation 68.5 mm 8.6 mm above normal

Remarks : All dimensions were made at the Hong Kong Observatory other than sunshine, solar radiation and evaporation which were recorded at King"s Park Meteorological Station and also visibility which was observed in ~ the Hong Kong international Airport.
Δ The visibility readings at the Hong Kong worldwide Airport are based upon hourly observations by professional meteorological observers in 2004 and also before, and average readings over the 10-minute duration before the clock hour of the visibility meter close to the center of the southern runway native 2005 onwards. The readjust of the data source in 2005 is an advancement of the visibility assessment using instrumented observations following the worldwide trend. Before 10 October 2007, the number of hours of decreased visibility in ~ the Hong Kong worldwide Airport in 2005 and thereafter displayed in this net page was based on hourly visibility monitorings by professional meteorological observers. Because 10 October 2007, the data have been revised making use of the typical visibility readings end the 10-minute duration before the clock hour, as tape-recorded by the visibility meter close to the middle of the southern runway.
* exit from 1981 - 2010 climatological normal, except for number of hours of diminished visibility
§ exit from mean value in between 1997 and also 2016

Remarks : Extremely high: above 95th percentile over normal: between 75th and 95th percentile Normal: in between 25th and also 75th percentile listed below normal: between 5th and 25th percentile exceptionally low: below 5th percentile Percentile and 5-day running typical values space computed based on the data from 1981 to 2010