Not definition to stir up a principles debate, I just have great friends who allow thier 15 year old daughter to drink alcohol when they visit all inclusives in Mexico. One evening was invested cleaning she up after ~ too many white russians!! They are not this permissive at home. I have two teenagers who know that underage drink is against the law period. What about the rest of you?

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Aug 17th, 2004, 01:48 PM
this probably will start a debate! I grew up in Germany, and always had a sip of my parental wine, and also they never ever drank really much, no large deal.I let mine 17 3/4 year old son have a margarita or a beer through us in ~ dinner in Mex. Recently, despite he doesn't drink in ~ home. But we didn't stay at an AI, and also so never ever had more than 1 drink in one evening...I might see just how teens at an every inclusive can go overboard quickly~!

Aug 17th, 2004, 02:11 PM
It seems to me that there is a large difference between allowing a teen to have a glass or alcohol or one drink in ~ dinner and letting them every evening at the disco. Ns guess the legality of it doesn't stroked nerves me as lot as it simply not seeming appropriate to permit your teenager to end up being intoxicated. Jean

I allow my kids at 17 and also 18 drink in too much moderation and under ours supervision in restaurants in Mexico if they desire to. One thing to consider- drinking ages are collection locally in Mexico and it is conceivable, although no likely, that you could run right into a legitimate problem. In most locations the regulation is 18.
What is the combined message being sent to these kids? "We don't permit you to become falling down drunk at residence - not since its harmful - but since THE law won't enable us to". Therefore in a nation that doesn't think the neccessary to manage the usual sense of its citizen (maybe due to the fact that they have actually some of your own), "its o.k - knock you yourself out" (literally). And don't even get me began on American traveler embarassing actions in international countries.

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lightfoot: It's a society thing and also I think it's one point to permit one drink or a sip and also another to allow drunkenness. Those 2 don't even compare.My parental (my stepdad native Belgium, my mommy from Haiti) let me drink wine with other dinner guests. It was not considered wrong and it to be no huge deal. And also by the way, the never resulted in me having a drinking problem. I still enjoy an occasional glass of wine at age 34.
My husband (an American) was never allowed to drink since it's illegal in the U.S. Well, he consisted of for it in college and also it became a difficulty (He doesn't drink at every anymore).We have actually a 2-year-old and you simply made me realize my husband and I never debated this. Hmm...It will certainly be amazing to hear his opinion top top it.Long story top top my part to tell girlfriend that i think as soon as you forbid youngsters from doing something, you just make them want to do it.Just my an individual opinion.