it relies on i beg your pardon movie or book, however most recent ar vampire family, and also vampire group, vampire relation and also so on...

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in Twilight it"s dubbed a coven !

It is actually referred to as a "Brood".

Brood - A team of vampires gathered approximately a leader (usually their sire).

Sire - The parent-creator that a vampire, supplied both together the female and also male form.

A brood might (over a lengthy time!) end up being a "clan" by virtue of lineage, bloodline.

Clan - A team of vampires who share particular mystic and also physical characteristics.

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A "coven" is just correctly provided in regards to witches... --noun: an assembly that witches,esp. A group of thirteen. But since an ext people know much more about witches 보다 vampires and since "coven" also means "gathering/assembly", the word coven are occasionally (wrongly) supplied for a group of vampires too.

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