We have picture of ours Egyptian rose & Sweet Orange Soap in ~ the height of this post and also it doesn’t to speak anything around Geranium. We usage Egyptian Geranium important Oil in this soap. Us left Geranium the end of the name on the label since too many people assume geranium vital oil will certainly smell favor the geraniums in the your flower bed. 

Geranium vital oil is indigenous an entirely different genus the plant and actually has actually a really floral, almost rose-like odor overlaid with some herbaceous notes. The geranium vital oil is mixed with sweet orange, ylang ylang and also canaga (an vital oil similar in scent to ylang ylang). Hence the name that is ~ above the label.

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Why exactly do ns think Geranium necessary Oil is therefore great?

As mentioned above it has actually a great, floral scent. In fact, it is among the couple of floral scents in crucial oils the is fairly priced enough to usage in soaps. Geranium is also is helpful for countless medical and also skincare applications. It is also believed to have a strong impact on her emotions. The is a an extremely uplifting scent.

Egyptian rose & Sweet Orange Soap produced with geranium vital oil

We usage geranium in our Egyptian rose & Sweet Orange Soap as presented in the photo. Geranium seems to an especially resonate v women and also aids in taking care of our hormonal worries whether expressed v the skin, the human body or the nerves. This, in addition to the truth that it helps lug a radiant glow to your skin is why I encompass it in Susan’s Own confront Serum. If you have actually adult acne that appears to it is in hormonally triggered, then provide this product a try. I developed it because that myself and also used it with good success!

Susan’s Own confront Serum – consists of geranium essential oil

Here is a partial list of the conditions that geranium important oil can benefit as information by Julia Lawless in her publication The shown Encyclopedia of essential Oils.


AcneBruisesBroken CapillariesCongested SkinDermatitisEczemaMature SkinOily Complexion


CellulitisEngorgement of BreastsPoor Circulation


Sore Throat


Menopausal problemsPMS


TensionStress-related conditions

To recap:

What does geranium essential oil smell like.?

Egyptian Geranium i beg your pardon is the necessary oil us use has a rosy sweet scent with herbaceous notes. That is not a cloying increased scent yet lightly floral v definite organic overtones. The does no smell choose the geranium in your garden.

What is geranium essential an excellent for?

Geranium crucial oil is a very emotionally uplifting oil. It simply makes friend feel an excellent and is an especially useful for helping to offset women’s hormone ups and downs. It deserve to be useful for whatever from stress-related problems to PMS.

Is geranium vital oil an excellent for your skin?

Geranium important oil deserve to be very beneficial because that skin problems such together oily complexions, eczema, and broken capillaries. As provided earlier I have used the myself to eliminate my adult acne.

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NOTE: i am not dispensing medical advice. If you have actually one of these conditions and would favor to use geranium important oil you have to do your very own research and make your very own decisions concerning this.

Works referenced in preparing this article:

The depicted Encyclopedia of crucial Oils by Julia Lawless

The Complete publication of important Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Worwood

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