Do guys really like fingering a girl and also do girl really prefer to gain fingered? These room the crucial questions I periodically ask myself. I have been mulling end fingering because that the last two days in an attempt to gain to the bottom the it. I will pen my thoughts together they arise. Speak to it ‘thinking out loud’ if friend will.

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When i was a young girl and also my pubic hair to be just beginning to with its complete potential, ns remember among my brother’s friends tried to finger me under a coast towel. He was forcing his hand in between my legs, do the efforts to get leverage under mine swimsuit bottoms. Ns didn’t understand what he to be trying come do but I did know that a young man’s hands on my private components in vast daylight was not something God would certainly smile upon. Good thing I had actually tremendous thighs or i would’ve shed my fingerginity much too at an early stage in life. Later I overheard the telling one more guy that he ‘totally tried come finger me’ and also then ns understood: he wanted to placed his fingers in mine vagina. (GROSS!)

Why do men like fingering? possibly it’s since in the early endeavors the ‘hooking increase with’ a girl, this might be all he gets. It’s favor the apex is constantly the vagina, and reaching the apex is penis inside the vagina. So, if you can only gain your fingers in there, you have actually not specifically lost maybe…maybe you still get ‘points’ or something.

We all know fingers don’t have the same amount the nerve endings as a dick does. (But boy if the did, guys would be eating spaghetti in one entirely brand-new way!) So, we know fingering a girl will certainly not feel rather as nice as it does when it is a penis. So, maybe the stimulation a guy gets native fingering a girl is in feeling the hot, wet, tightness (hopefully) about his fingers and maybe see her acquire pleasure (hopefully) native it.

I think, also, that possibly fingering is a trial and error ground. You have the right to maybe identify a few deciding factors such as;

Does she get wet?TightnessTaste and smellWhorefactor

To expatiate:

Does she gain wet?

If you space making the end in a hot and heavy fashion and you press your hand under her belt buckle and also snake the down right into her panties military man style and also find out that she liquidity levels perform not enhance the steel trap boner you are sporting then probably this is a miss-match.


If you find that you have the right to fit your entire hand and maybe a tiny koala into her vagina, maybe she’s no a tree you want to climb.

Taste and smell

I liken this to the check of the oil when you space at a full organization gas station. Ns envision a guy clad in greasy coveralls, a three day development of beard and black under his fingernails withdrawing a dipstick and also squinting at it over the cracks in mine dashboard. I figure a guy can gain his digits under there, swirl it around for a couple of and possibly fake a sleep itch or something and also have his hand make his means back up to his face where it deserve to afford him a ‘prelude of points to come’. I will leave it at that. (I will keep it ‘delicate’ and ‘tasteful’.)


If a girl allows you finger her within hours of knowing her she might easily it is in a whore. (Not in the literal sense…) This can be a winning factor for a man, or not. In this day and also age, guys are more than likely fingering girl on the dance floor.

Bottom line; ns think males like fingering girls because they are placing their finger in she vagina and ‘fucking’ the vagina with the fingers. It’s more than likely a good thing to do.


Now because that the ladies…

I think the ladies choose fingering since it’s a possibility to feel choose you space being fucked without really being fucked. If you go back to suggest four, above, ‘Whorefactor,’ because that a second, maybe I to be wrong. Perhaps a girl will certainly take a fingering before an actual fucking to prove she is not a whore. Probably fingering feel ‘safe’ for a girl. Perhaps the pin money of a fingering is a girl informing a guy, “I choose you enough to put your fingers inside of me, however I’m not quite ready for your penis.” It can be a girl’s method of ‘not letting a man down’ if still maintaining him ‘up’. (funny.)

A girl letting a man finger her might be prefer a promise ring.

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In the case of stimulation, this is whereby the tables room turned top top the men, because, as we all know, vaginas have method more nerve endings than fingers. So as soon as a guy is fingering a girl, she it s okay an ample quantity of stimulation. Ha HA! So, that pretty obvious that there is no instance for discussion here. A girl likes to it is in fingered due to the fact that it feels an excellent in she vagina. (And she can’t obtain pregnant)

In summation…what have we learned? ns not certain that we’ve learned lot of anything. I think this is the first piece that writing where I’ve supplied the hatchet ‘fingering’ therefore much. I’ve just gone back and counted and I’m in ~ 19. Wow…Impressive. Yet I to be digressing.

We’ve obviously learned that reading an detailed thought provoking essay on fingering (20!) can lead to ‘boner time’ and additionally that I invested a couple of days in reality thinking about the action of fingering (21!) so much so that ns felt compelled to placed pen to record about it and what does the say about me?