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These answers are unhelpful, I’m gonna define what it actually FEELS like If you’re turned on prior to sex then the moment he actually enters you is really satisfying and feels like a release of (sexual) tension. The initially time didn’t hurt for me however I know it does for some. I know what sex feels favor for a girl, so i was wondering what if feels prefer on the boy’s end. It hregarding feel different because they don’t moan the means girls (or at least i) do. i know it may be difficult to explain but if you deserve to at least make a compariboy then that would certainly be beneficial. So I’m a 15 year old girl and also I was wondering what sex feels like? I’m obviously not planning to have actually it anytime shortly, me and my boyfrifinish are planning to wait till we’re both ready! But I recognize he has done it before and also he has told me it will certainly feel remarkable yet favor what will it feel favor when he you recognize, puts his penis inside me for the initially time? For woguys, Sex does not feel great at initially.

It deserve to be very painful bereason you are tearing your hymen and also you are past nervous. When I first started having actually sex, My bf at the moment was a little over average. That plus your hymales being torn will certainly cause horrible pain. I had actually bled for days after. The following few times after I had began to feel it and I know it’s going to be some time prior to I also consider having actually sex via a boy, yet what does it feel like? I have asked various other girls at college who’ve had actually sex and they shelp that their first time was drunk and many of them didn’t usage condoms. Well, I don’t drink, so what does sex feel prefer for the initially time, sober? I’ve heard it damages, is this true? Hey so I have had sex twice through two various girls prior to (I’m 18 now and also I shed my virginity at 16) so I don’t have most endure through sex yet I understand the basics.

What I am wondering (bereason I obviously understand what sex feels choose for a guy) what does it feel choose for the girl? I don’t want to recognize all that stuff around just how it damages the initially time and all that bereason that’s all I can I have the right to just speak for what it feels prefer for a guy, because anal for girls can have different sensations, or not! For a gay man who has actually mastered the art of self relaxation (the anal muscle be the key to all that) anal sex through the ideal guy deserve to be utterly amazing, euphoric and mind blowing (or ball blowing).

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Depends really, my husband also assumed he knew exactly how to perform oral, which in fact he done it many times prior to I guess, so he used the very same moves on me, and to his surpclimb he shelp I was means different, bereason I favored it more gentle then many girls. So it really relies, on exactly how he offers dental, ask him if he does it soft or tough.