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flex & flect

These ROOT-WORDS room FLECT & FLEX native the Latin, flectere, to BEND. Roots which incorporate easily with various other ones room the many interesting. This one through its assorted spellings is among these. The word list provided eighteen indigenous to integrate with FLEX, FLECT & FLICK and also every combination makes a great word which friend can conveniently make you own.1. Flex : FLEX (fieks) v.To bend; as, come flex the arm2. Functional : FLEX ible (flek; si b’l) adj.Able to bend3. Flexibility : FLEX ibility (flek si bil’ that ee) n.Quality of gift able come bend4. Flexile : FLEX ile (fiek’ sil) adj.Flexible; tractable; as, a flexile nature5. Flection : FLECT ion (flek; shun) n.The plot of bending6. Flexor : FLEX or (flek’ sor) n.A muscle which offer to bend a limb7. Flexuose : FLEX uose (flek; shu os) adjRelaxed; adaptable; not rigid8. Flexuous : FLEX uous (fleksh; u us) adj.Having plenty of bends, turns9. Genuflection : genu FLECT ion (jen yu flek; shun) n.The bending of the knee10. Direction : de FLECT (de fiekt’) v.Bend away; as, deflect the missile indigenous its target11. Inflection : in FLECT ion (in fiek; shun) n.The rise and fall the the voice, as, the inflammation of his voice12. Reflect : re FLECT (re fiekt’) v.Turn back and forth in the mind; as, come reflect on one idea13. Reflection : re FLECT ion (re flek’ shun) n.An photo thrown back; as, a reflection in a mirror14. Reflexive : re FLEX ive (re flek; siv) adj.Bent back on itself; as, a reflexive pronoun15. Reflective : re FLECT ive (re flek; tiv) adj.Thoughtful16. Reflector : re FLECT or (re flek’ tor) n.That which reflects light17. Circumflexion : circum FLEX ion (sir kum flek’ shun) n.A bending around and around18. Reflectoscope : re FLECT oscope (re flek; toes skope) n.A magic lantern, a machine that places photo on a screenGo come the Etymology index Page.HOME PAGE

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