Animal planet is home to a plethora of entertain shows. One such series is ‘Dr. Jeff Rocky mountain Vet.’ throughout its amazing run, Dr. Jeff and also his crew have taken ~ above a few unusual cases, to say the least. On one occasion, they taken on the situation of a stray dog that had been admitted at the clinic after ~ a fence-related injury.

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A different episode observed them law an obese cat through kidney disease. So have actually any pets died ~ above the show? This is just one of the questions we will seek to answer today.

About the Show.

As the surname suggests, Dr. Jeff Rocky mountain Vet is a present that adheres to the life of the abovementioned vet. Season after season, we have watched as Jeff, and his team took on animals with miscellaneous disorders. They also performed surgeries whenever necessary.

The entertaining display is report by john Schwab. Us were an initial introduced to the cast of planned Pethood plus in the illustration ‘One an ext Chance’ the debuted ~ above July 11th, 2015.

Back then, viewers watched together the team raced versus time come treat a dog that had actually recently experienced from cardiac arrest after ~ being lugged to the clinic. In other instances, fans have actually gasped together the crew carried out various instances like a miniature pig through an hurt leg, and also a French bulldog who essential emergency surgery.

Dr. Jeff Rocky hill Vet Deaths.

With every the instances that the team end at planned Pethood to add takes on, it will certainly come as no surprised that they room not able to conserve all the animals. Some instances are just too much gone, and there is nothing more that they have the right to do in these instances.

Another tragedy that hit the show came through Dr. Jeff’s cancer diagnosis. After ~ a visit come his doctor, Jeff was given the shocking news that he had B-cell Lymphoma.

Additional tests likewise revealed that an 8cm mass satellite in his lungs. The only means that the doctors can save his life was through chemotherapy.

Dr. Young had actually to take part time turn off the display to recover as the therapy was rough. He also had to lose his signature lengthy hair and also a couple of pounds in the process. Jeff was fortunate sufficient to go into remission and also beat his cancer diagnosis thoroughly!


Rocky hill Vet revolves approximately the exploits the the planned Pethood add to Clinic. The animal clinic is located along 4595 N Harlan St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, in the United claims of America.

The Cast.

Dr. Jeff Young.

Jeff was born on April 14th, 1956, in Indiana. It says that the is 64-years old presently. Dr. Young is the owner of to plan Pethood Plus, which he started immediately after graduating from University. Being a vet is a career that had stuck in his mind right from the onset. Even as a child, he always loved taking treatment of animals.

As his brand grew, Jeff branched the end to rescuing pets out there in the world, and also not simply only those the were brought into his clinic by your owners. This gradual development led to him opened up a couple of more clinics in Mexico and also Slovakia.

Dr. Petra Young Mickova

Dr. Rachel Nichols.

Rachel Nichols is a former associate veterinarian in ~ Planned Parenthood. Nichols’ credentials encompass a Doctorate in veterinarian Medicine, which she earned in ~ Colorado State University. She very first joined the clinic earlier in January 2012. For over 2 years, Rachel operated with Jeff, helping out through the treatment of assorted animals.

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She was additionally helped the end in some of the surgeries they had to perform at the clinic. Dr. Jeff Rocky hill Vet actors Dr. Nichols officially left the clinic ago in June 2014 after 2 years with the team. Since then, she has actually taken increase a task at Parker national Hospital, whereby she is quiet employed presently.