Thinking of prevent an old flame i wasn’t on good terms with that still lurks mine profile, however I don’t want him seeing that I’m looking in ~ him.

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So for sure to say i won’t display up under his see then? Wasn’t sure if it will still perform me and show me as a blurred image.

It’s a reasonable question, offered the brand-new #WhoViewedMe climate. In regards to your profile’s appearance on the key screen, filtered or not, I’m particular that once you’ve blocked, that’s it, you can’t be seen there. If you ever before chatted top top Grindr, that chat additionally disappears altogether, and also if the has offered you a ⭐️ then you may become conspicuous through your absence in his Favourites view, but lacking you will certainly be.

It’s possible that you may still be clearly shows in the Taps tab the the conversation page, however I say that only because several times i have been certain that profiles I’d blocked/ been blocked by to be still showing up there. However, i think i was more than likely mistaken about that, and also in her case, you’d have actually needed to have tapped him because that it to apply (probably in ~ the coming before 12 months, since I nothing think tap history extends beyond that).

However, i have literally no idea around the “Who viewed Me” section, which is what ns think she querying. It could happen, which would be an issue for countless users, in which case there will be complaints, and also Grindr might release a patch that works intermittently (while at the same time making it difficult to send photos in chat) part time in 2023, before finally solving it in 2024.

If your desire come block the is urgent, and you’re i was sure he hasn’t taken a 2nd mortgage and also sold the family members silver and used the proceeds come pay for an countless subscription, then the finest time because that you to perform so would more than likely be at a peak period in his neighborhood area, after ~ he’s to be logged in long sufficient to be messaging through guys, as you’ll rapidly autumn off the Viewers perform when much more recent viewers relegate you down right into the past, make your thumbnail look blurred and also disappear off the list.

If you’re an extremely concerned that this can still it is in an issue, you can go dark very first (i.e. Eliminate your file pics and data and also toggle off display Distance) until 24 hrs later, which would certainly make it impossible for that to recognize it was you.

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I hoe this helps! One tip, which might not it is in relevant, is constantly to Un-Favourite a profile before blocking the user. It’s because that a very minor reason, namely that a couple of years back, there was a an insect triggered by failing to execute so, but this has actually long because been fixed and also I only point out it due to the fact that it can easily return. I likewise think it’s great practice since the less unnecessary data the your profile should carry roughly with it, the much better will it is in its ability to operate correctly and rapidly in ~ the Grindr system, though I’ve never heard any kind of suggestion the Grindr issues an outcome from the storage leakage often experienced in database-driven applications.