There to be blood everywhere. I’m talking knife come the jugular level. It looked prefer a friggin’ crime scene. Ns felt favor we were in an episode of CSI. I left a bloody handprint on her white wall.

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She was already wearing the strap-on when i arrived. She to be walking, living, breathing sex, definitionally. No joke. If girlfriend look up “Sex” in Merriam Webster’s dictionary, her picture is there.

Her hand clutched my upper arms. When our skin touched, that was all over. With the potent electricity and also excitement of gift together, us skipped foreplay and went in because that penetrative sex immediately.

My an initial reaction post-blood to be to plot embarrassed, but the sheepishness was feigned. I felt prefer I was supposed to be worried and upset, but I wasn’t. Ns was turn on. Ns didn’t care around the mess. There was something therefore raw and animalistic around the entirety thing. The didn’t take long for she to realise ns wasn’t freaked out (or in pain, BTW). She admitted come being an extremely into the blood too.

It’s called blood play, but details on it is quite sparse. If friend Google it, you’ll mostly find information on donating blood to the Red Cross and HIV statistics. No helpful. Still, I wanted to know every little thing there to be to know. Since I haven’t quit texting this woman around blood sex.

This totality accidental experience had actually put blood on mine mind. What is it about blood? Am ns a freak because that being so really into this? Why are people right into it? Wait – are people right into it? If I want to have it again, what would I need to do to do it happen?

What is blood play, an initial of all?

Now, you might have review the anecdote above and wondered what the really f**k ns was talking about. That’s OK. Like I said, over there isn’t much details out there about using blood throughout sex. Blood inspires strong reactions in people. I had actually a boyfriend who legit fainted once he experienced blood. I once started my period throughout sex and that went pale and virtually puked. LOL, good times.

Blood play finds its ties in the kink and the BDSM wgc2010.orgmunity. Experienced dominatrix Sandra LaMorgese, Ph.D., claims that “just like all BDSM, blood play involves creating a power dynamic in between partners, through the dominant partner in manage over the submissive partner. The only distinction is that through blood play, you’re creating that prominence by producing a power narrative that requires blood” rather of (or in addition to) various other BDSM equipment.

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LeMorgese states that the same rules of consent, wgc2010.orgmunication and understanding are connected with blood beat – just even an ext so; illustration blood have the right to be dangerous.