Medically the review by Elaine K. Luo, M.D. — created by Brenda McBean — updated on September 18, 2018


Hypernatremia is the medical term offered to describe having too lot sodium in the blood. Salt is critical nutrient for appropriate functioning that the body. Most of the body’s sodium is uncovered in the blood. It’s additionally a necessary component of the body’s lymph fluids and cells.

In numerous cases, hypernatremia is mild and doesn’t reason serious problems. However, in order to avoid or reverse difficulties caused through hypernatremia, it’s important to correct high sodium levels.

Read on come learn more about the duty of sodium and also when high levels may an outcome in a clinical emergency.

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Hypernatremia can happen when over there is a too lot water ns or too lot sodium obtain in the body. The an outcome is too tiny body water because that the quantity of full body sodium.

Changes in water input or water ns can influence the regulation that the concentration of salt in the blood. Changes in fluid can be resulted in by:

dramatic alters in thirst alters in pee concentration

In healthy and balanced people, thirst and urine concentration are motivated by receptor in the mind that recognize the need for fluid or sodium correction. This generally results in raised water entry or changes in the quantity of salt passed in the urine. That can rapidly exactly hypernatremia.

The key symptom that hypernatremia is excessive thirst. Various other symptoms room lethargy, i beg your pardon is too much fatigue and lack the energy, and possibly confusion.

Advanced cases may likewise cause muscle twitching or spasms. That’s due to the fact that sodium is necessary for just how muscles and nerves work. With serious elevations of sodium, seizures and also coma might occur.

Severe symptoms space rare and usually found only with rapid and big rises of sodium in the blood plasma.

Older adults room at an raised risk for hypernatremia. That’s because as you thrive older, you’re an ext likely to have a lessened sense the thirst. Girlfriend may additionally be much more prone come illnesses that influence water or sodium balance.

Certain medical conditions likewise increase your risk for hypernatremia, including:

certain medicationslarger burn locations on the skin

Hypernatremia is regularly diagnosed through blood tests. To pee tests can likewise be provided to determine high level of sodium together with urine concentration. Both blood and also urine tests room fast, minimally invasive exam that call for no preparation.

Hypernatremia tends to construct as a result of underlying conditions. Other tests count on her medical history and additional symptoms.

Hypernatremia can occur rapidly (within 24 hours) or develop an ext slowly over time (more 보다 24 to 48 hours). The rate of beginning will assist your doctor recognize a therapy plan.

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All treatment is based upon correcting the fluid and sodium balance in your body. Rapidly emerging hypernatremia will certainly be treated much more aggressively than hypernatremia that develops an ext slowly.

For gentle cases, friend may be able to treat the problem by raising your liquid intake. For much more severe cases, you’ll likely be connected to an IV drip. That’s used to intravenously supply liquid to your blood. Your doctor will also monitor you to view if your salt levels are improving, and also they may readjust your fluid concentration accordingly.

The outlook for hypernatremia is generally an extremely good. This is especially true if the condition is found early, or if underlying troubles are repair or controlled.

Hypernatremia can often be treated external the hospital. If hospitalization is needed, close monitoring helps ensure a healthy outcome.


Medically the evaluation by Elaine K. Luo, M.D. — written by Brenda McBean — update on September 18, 2018