saw it in HPI magazine, 200sx with boost scramble button.....what the hell is it anyway? I witnessed it ~ above BMI also on the MCR gtr..........does the just boost the rise temporarily?


saw that in HPI magazine, 200sx with rise scramble button.....what the hell is that anyway? I witnessed it on BMI also on the MCR gtr..........does it just increase the an increase temporarily?

i was reading that article and wondered around that too.

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maybe that if they require to capture up quickly from a spin the end or miscellaneous they operation extra boost for a few secs to gain much more power without death the engine and also therefore lock dont have to be running it on extreme rise fulltime ?


yeah, avcr has that function that friend can select to setup...

it one of two people raises or lowers the rise by a particualr amount because that a short period of time. So escape which you chose, you have the right to use it together a an increase on straights, or reduced your an increase so you have the right to drive cleanly the end of low rate corners there is no wheelspin for example...




Hey go anyone on below acually use the an increase scramble feature of the AVCR? If therefore is it any kind of good?

"They taste like burning!"

I"ve got it on mine Blitz EBC .... All it does on mine is provides the turbo free boost for a set period of time. Not certain if its meant to, I deserve to only it seems ~ to readjust the time not the peak.

Stick scramble rise in google.. It"ll give you heaps that responses..

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as already said:

Scramble Boost role

When the SBC button is depressed a preset an increase increase will occur for a preset time (0-40seconds).

Remote Scramble boost Trigger wgc2010.orgpatible

Lets you put a switch on the steering wheel that"ll offer you extra an increase for a set duration if required, similar to in the indy cars whereby they can obtain 10s of extra rise when they push the button..