ume less than 2.40 g of sodium per day. A particular snack mix consists of 1.24 g the salt per 100 g that the mix.What massive of the snack mix deserve to you consume and still be in ~ the FDA limit?

The is: massive of the snack mix can you consume and still be within the FDA border is 491 grams.

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ω(Na) = m(Na) ÷ m(salt).

ω(Na) = 39.33 g ÷ 100 g.

ω(Na) = 0.3933; mass percentage of salt in salt.

m(salt) = 2.4 g ÷ 0.3933.

m(salt) = 6.10 g; massive of salt recommended because that consumation.

Make proportion: 1.24 g : 100 g = 6.10 g ÷ m(mix).

m(mix) = 491.93 g; mass of the snack mix.

 First collection up the equation 39.33g/100g = x/1.28g and that"ll give you how much salt is in every 100g the the mix. 39.33g *1.28g= 100g * x x = 0.503424g x = lot of salt per 100g that the mix Now 2.4g / 0.503424 = 4.7674 Multiply through 100 and you gain 476.7353g

A mixture of three gases has actually a complete pressure the 1,380 mm Hg at 298 K. The mixture is analyzed and is discovered to contain 1.27 mol

P(Ar) = 358.8 mmHg


Given data:

Total push of gas = 1380 mmHg

Moles that CO₂ = 1.27 mol

Moles that CO = 3.04 mol

Moles the Ar = 1.50 mol

Partial press of Ar = ?



P(Ar) = Pt .........(1)

n₁ = mole of Ar

nt = total number of moles

Pt = full pressure

Now we will certainly calculate the total variety of moles.

nt = 1.27 mol +3.04 mol +1.50 mol

nt = 5.81 mol

Now we put the worths in formula (1)

P(Ar) = Pt

P(Ar) = <1.50/5.81> 1380 mmHg

P(Ar) = 0.26 ×1380 mmHg

P(Ar) = 358.8 mmHg

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During which action in the have the right to Crush lab did water vapor pressure air native the can?
irina <24>
When you heated the can with the bit of water inside and also you boiled it over a flame, the water turned come vapor (gas) and also the push in the inside of the deserve to is different from the pressure on the external of the can. Once you put the can into a ice water maker or a container, the have the right to shrunk it"s size, to decrease it"s mass and density. The have the right to shrunk as a result of the inside push being equalized v the external pressure.The part where you inserted it in the ice bath or container was as soon as the water vapor was compelled out that the can.
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The complete bonding energy for the assets of a reaction is 2535 kJ/mol and the bonding energy of the reactants is 1375 kJ/mol. C
omeli <17>

1160 kJ/mol


To obtain the enthalpy of the reaction take ΔH products- ΔH reactants

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Antoinc Laurent Lavoisicr"s donation to chemistry was. A.the regulation of conservation of mass.
Ulleksa <173>

The because that the complying with question is explained below.

The alternative for the complying with is "d".


The phlogiston theory of combustion:(Greek indigenous phlogiston method "BURN")

Phlogiston theory says that phlogisticated substances are the substances the contain phlogiston and dephlogisticate once burned.

Dephlogisticating is the procedure of releasing save on computer phlogiston,which is absorbed by the air.

Growing plants climate absorb this phlogiston,which is why wait does no spontaneously combust and likewise plant matte burns and it does.

The prevailing concept was the flammable materials consisted of a substance referred to as phlogiston that was released during the combustion.

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For example:

phlogiston was transferring right into the neighboring air.
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