Pepsinogen, an inactive cradle enzyme, is secreted through the ________. A. Goblet cell of the tiny intestine B. Parietal cell of the duodenum C. Brunner"s glands D. Chief cells of the stomach
Which of the following develop intrinsic factor? A. Enteroendocrine cell B. Parietal cells C. Mucous neck cell D. Zymogenic cells
What part of the this bears the force and resists the friction that chewing? A. Pulp B. Crown C. Cementum D. Enamel
All the chemical and also mechanical phases of cradle from the mouth through the little intestine room directed toward changing food into creates that can pass v the epithelial cells lining the mucosa right into the underlying blood and also lymphatic vessels.

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A doctor consulting a patience that recently has had their bile bladder eliminated would most likely advise ________. A. Boosting unsaturated fat while eliminating trans fat in their dietsB. Eating foods items that room low in fatC. A low to no carb dietD. Fewer, yet larger meals
Chemical cradle reduces large complicated molecules to less complicated compounds by the procedure of ________. A. Catabolism B. Anabolism C. Mastication D. Fermentation
Select the statement that is true worrying primary teeth. A. There are 20 primary teeth, and by 24 months of age most youngsters have every 20.B. There room 32 primary teeth, and by 36 month of age, most youngsters have every 32.C. There are 27 primary teeth, and also the molars space permanent.D. There room 24 primary teeth, and no brand-new primary teeth show up after 13 months.
Pepsinogen is the precursor come the gastric enzyme because that protein digestion and is secreted by the parietal cells.

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Which of the organs detailed below is connected in every one of the complying with processes: secretion, mechanical breakdown of food, and digestion ? A. The big intestines B. The stomach C. The esophagus D. The sigmoid colon
A boy with restricted tongue motion may have a surgery that involves the cut of the ________. A. Palatine tonsils B. Terminal sulcus C. Uvula D. Lingual frenulum
Which of the following are species of papillae on the tongue that contain taste buds? A. Fungiform and also vallate B. Vallate and also filiform C. Palatine and also vallate D. Fungiform, vallate, and also filiform
The bolus is liquefied in the ________ and also it is now dubbed chyme. A. Tiny intestine B. Stomach C. Stomach D. Mouth
All the the following are true the swallowing (deglutition) other than one. Choose the statement the is not true that swallowing.A. The epiglottis assists in propelling food into the trachea.B. The involuntary portion of swallowing takes ar in the pharynx.C. The mouth, pharynx and also esophagus every take component in swallowing.D. The voluntary step of swallowing takes place within the mouth.