Medically reviewed by Daniel Bubnis, M.S., NASM-CPT, NASE Level II-CSS, Fitness — written by Tyler Read, BSc, CPT top top April 23, 2021

Agility training is a vital part of any well-rounded fitness program, however it’s generally left the end of many standard workout routines.

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When it come to an extensive fitness training, you probably familiar with the importance of strength and also aerobic training. While both are necessary for health and performance, it’s a an excellent idea to encompass agility maintain alongside this methods.

This post breaks under the meaning and prominence of agility training and also discusses some key agility exercises you can include to her fitness regimen today.

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Agility is the general capacity to readjust direction when moving quickly and efficiently, all while maintaining proper posture and also movement mechanics.

Good agility calls for the capacity to for sure decelerate, reorient, and also reaccelerate in as little time together possible.

In a sporting context, agility generally incorporates this change of direction in an answer to a stimulus, as an athlete’s readjust in movement and also direction during play nearly always wake up in an answer to the activities of opposing football player (1).

Therefore, agility training entails a range of practice designed to enhance your capability to readjust directions during movement.

When it involves measuring enhancements in agility, if you deserve to run forward, side shuffle, backpedal, and reaccelerate much faster than before, her agility has actually improved.


Agility is the ability to adjust directions rapidly and also safely throughout movements such together sprinting and shuffling. Agility training have the right to be provided for both general fitness and also sports power training.

Agility training brings a host of benefits for people of every ages, occupations, and fitness needs.

For general fitness, when compared with inactivity, agility training enhances a variety of physical power metrics including:

lower and also upper human body strengthlower body and also trunk explosive powerbalancemobility

When comparing timeless training programs that don’t combine agility v agility-based programs, research found that the services of agility exercises to be slightly greater on the compared parameters.

For example, many of the agility program studied compelled less full time to achieve similar results, compared with other fitness training approaches (2).

Additional research found that amongst older adults, agility-based programs were at the very least as effective as timeless balance and also strength training at enhancing balance and endurance.

However, the agility training led to better improvements in explosive power, an especially in the legs and also trunk (3).


Agility exercises are helpful for a variety of physics measures, consisting of balance and also strength. Agility training may be much more time-efficient than timeless training and improve explosiveness.

The following are agility exercises you deserve to perform at home with tiny to no equipment. For cone-based exercises, that fine to use any durable object that will remain stationary ~ above the ground, such as a wallet, deserve to of soup, or item of practice equipment.

The practice are detailed in order of difficulty, beginning with the most basic to execute and also progressing to the hardest exercises.

Some ladder-based drills are contained at the end. Friend can incorporate these if you have actually the accessible equipment.

Side shuffle

The next shuffle is a basic agility exercise involving a lateral movement, deceleration, and acceleration in opposing direction.

To perform the side shuffle:

Position 2 cones or various other objects roughly 15 procedures apart.Stand beside one the them, dealing with perpendicular to an imaginary line between the cones. Friend should have one cone right alongside your foot, and also the other should be 15 steps toward your opposite side, not behind you.Bend your knees slightly and also sit your hips earlier in a small squat to adopt an athletic stance.Without crossing her feet, action sideways towards the much cone v your closestly foot. Action your other foot in the same direction to embrace the initial stance, one step closer to the much cone.As you approach the much cone, stop, and also accelerate in opposing direction come shuffle the other way.Be sure to challenge forward the whole duration of every set.Perform 3 set of 5 laps. As you become quicker, add additional laps for enhanced difficulty.

Carioca drill

The carioca drill is a common track and also field warmup that requires cross-stepping v a lateral shuffle. It’s also known together a grapevine since of the front-to-back crossing sample of the feet.

To perform the carioca drill:

Position 2 cones or other objects about 15 measures apart.Stand alongside the cone on her left, facing perpendicular come an imaginary line between the cones. You should have one cone right beside your foot, and the various other cone must be 15 measures toward your opposite side, not behind you.Bend your knees slightly and sit her hips ago to adopt an strong stance.Push off through your left foot and also bring it towards your right foot.Cross your left foot in former of your right foot while keeping balance, and also plant her left foot top top the ground.Move your right foot come the right side to uncross her legs.Cross her left foot in ago of your right foot and also plant.Move your right foot out to the right to uncross her legs.Repeat the drill till you reach the far cone, move directions, and also perform the drill walk the the contrary direction to return to the beginning cone.Perform 3 sets of 4 finish laps v 2 minute rest in between each set.

Stand increase to figure 8

The wake up to figure 8 is terrific agility drill for older adult to maintain functional abilities. You’ll require a chair and also 2 cones because that this drill.

To carry out the wake up to number 8:

Position a chair in an open area. Location one cone approximately 5 yards (4.5 meters) in front of the chair, and a second cone around 10 yards (9 meters) in front of the chair in the exact same line together the very first cone. Begin seated ~ above the chair.Stand increase from the chair as conveniently as feasible and relocate forward toward the left that the first cone.After happen the very first cone, continue forward come the best of the second cone.Move about the second cone and also weave back around the very first cone until you reach the chair. Your route should kind a “figure 8,” and also you should face the direction of movement the whole time.Sit under on the chair to end the drill.Perform 3 to adjust of the drill through 2 minutes between each set.

5-10-5 drill

The 5-10-5 drill is a classic agility drill and field test. This test measures your ability to sprint and also rapidly change directions by 180 degrees. Practicing the drill will improve your overall readjust of direction and acceleration ability.

Position 3 hat in a line through 5 yards (4.5 meters) in between the middle and outer cones. There must be 10 yards (9 meters) between the outer cone.Starting at the center cone, sprint toward an external cone.When you reach the outer cone, swiftly turn and also reorient 180 degrees and also accelerate to a full sprint.Sprint past the center cone to the various other outer cone and also perform an additional 180-degree turn and reorientation.Accelerate quickly again and sprint toward the center cone.The complete time for the drill starts at the first sprint native the middle cone and ends on the final pass v the middle cone.Perform 1 set of 5 drills with 2 minutes of rest in between drills.


The T-drill is one more classic ar drill that incorporates forward, lateral, and also backward activities with a readjust of direction. You will certainly need four cones or objects to collection up the drill.

To perform the T-drill:

Position 3 hat in a heat 5 yards (4. 5 meters) apart, as in the 5-10-5 drill.Position a 4th cone 5 yards (4.5 meters) from the center cone ~ above a perpendicular heat to the original line that cones.Begin in ~ the fourth cone.Sprint toward the middle cone.Upon getting to the center cone, quickly readjust direction and shuffle left towards the end cone.Upon getting to the finish cone, quickly change direction and shuffle right using the carioca drill till you with the opposite finish cone.Upon reaching the end cone, quickly readjust direction and shuffle left till you reach the center cone.Upon getting to the middle cone, easily backpedal come the starting cone.Perform 3 sets of 4 repetitions. Every time you carry out the drill, switch the direction the the initial shuffle so that you carioca on both political parties evenly by the moment you finish all repetitions the the drill.

Agility ladder drills

If girlfriend have access to one agility ladder (also known as a speed ladder), you deserve to perform a multitude of agility practice to enhance the precision of her footwork, and also your capability to adjust direction.

The complying with are just a couple of of the height agility ladder practice you can perform in her workout routine.

Lateral sidestep

The lateral sidestep is a great beginner agility ladder drill.

To perform the lateral sidestep:

Begin through the ladder rolled the end to your side.Take a action to the side through the foot closest to the ladder to placed one foot in the first box.Step through your other foot to carry it beside the very first foot. Her feet should now be in the exact same box of the ladder.Repeat the drill until you reach the end of the ladder, and repeat moving the the opposite direction while encountering the original direction.Perform 3 to adjust of 5 complete laps through 2 minutes between sets.
Two-in-one linear run

The two-in-one linear run is a great ladder drill for improving foot speed and also precision when moving forward.

To perform the two-in-one straight run:

Begin by encountering the ladder rolled out in front of girlfriend horizontally.Step one foot right into the first box.Bring your various other foot next to it.Repeat down the ladder using the exact same forward foot.At the finish of the ladder, change direction. Repeat the drill in the opposite direction with the the contrary foot together the top foot.Perform 3 sets of 5 full laps through 2 minutes between each set.
Two-in lateral forward shuffle

The two-in lateral forward shuffle combine forward and also lateral motions in the same drill.

To perform the two-in lateral shuffle:

Begin dealing with the ladder totally rolled out in prior of girlfriend vertically. Was standing to the left of the ladder, so that it’s positioned to her right.Step your ideal foot into the first box, followed by your left foot. You need to now have both feet in the very first box of the ladder.Step your ideal foot to the right and plant it exterior the ladder to the ideal of the 2nd ladder rung.Lift your left foot and also touch it briefly to the ground alongside your appropriate foot, prior to stepping it come the left right into the following box of the ladder.Step your appropriate foot right into the box alongside your left foot, both feet should now be in the 2nd box of the ladder.Repeat the steps going down the ladder, shuffling in and also out as you relocate forward.When you with the finish of the ladder, readjust direction, reorient 180 degrees, and repeat going down the ladder in the contrary direction.Perform 3 sets of 5 full laps with 2 minutes between each set.

Agility exercises encompass forward, lateral, and backward movements merged with assorted directional changes. Cones, hurdles, and also agility ladders are helpful for agility drills, however you have the right to use other objects as well.

Depending on your goals and also current fitness level, you deserve to structure your agility regime in conjunction v your present strength and aerobic training, or together a separate workout.

Begin through the next shuffle, carioca, and also 5-10-5 drills, progressively increasing the intensity. If performing them as part of your stamin or aerobic plan, perform simply 2–3 set of 2 exercises and also progress from there together your capacity allows.

If you want to simply do pure agility exercises for your fitness, begin with a 5-minute aerobic warmup complied with by 3 functioning sets that 5 agility exercises.

Begin with the next shuffle and also work up to the more complicated exercises, such as the T-drill, hurdle next shuffle, or two-in lateral front shuffle.

Older adults should perform slow managed side shuffles and then usage the stand up to figure 8 exercise for their key agility exercise. Progress to harder exercises or rise your speed as appropriate.

Tracking the time it take away to finish each drill together your overall movement quality is the best method to measure development on a offered exercise.

Be certain to stay regular with your measurements using either yards or meter to ensure that you can measure time improvements.

The following form tips apply to all agility-based exercises:

Your foot and also ankle should suggest straight front in a flexed position once hitting the ground. Prevent excessively flattening her foot or transforming your foot outward, which areas undue stress on her ankles, knees, and also hips.When accelerating, her torso must lean right into the direction of travel.Your head need to remain in line v your hips, which need to be in line with your knees and feet.

Agility training properly works countless muscles, beginning from the feet v to the hips and core when properly performed. Additionally, the movements in agility drills transport well to real-life functional activities compared through isolated exercises.

Muscles operated in agility cultivate include:

shin muscle (anterior tibialis)hamstrings (biceps femoris, semimembranosus, semitendinosus)glutes (gluteus medius, maximus, and mimimus)Summary

Agility training functions a wide selection of muscles from her feet all the method to her hips and also core using functional movements.

Agility training is a practical and effective an approach to include intensity, variety, and functional training come a well-rounded fitness program.

Agility exercises revolve about improving adjust of direction abilities and footwork, yet they likewise improve strength, mobility, and also endurance. Muscles worked incorporate most the the muscle on your legs and also hips, including your calves, quads, glutes, and also hamstrings.

Depending on her level and equipment available, girlfriend can add one or numerous agility drills to her fitness routine, or perform an entire workout consisting of agility exercises.

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Whether you’re a basic fitness enthusiast or competitive athlete, agility drills space a key component that a great training routine.


Medically the evaluation by Daniel Bubnis, M.S., NASM-CPT, NASE Level II-CSS, Fitness — composed by Tyler Read, BSc, CPT top top April 23, 2021