State/Region: Okinawa
City/Community: Naha
Country/Territory: Japan
Local Time: 23:58 or 11:58 pm
Local Date: Monday, 15.November 2021
Current distinction from CET: +8 hours


Frankfurt, D5.574 km
Moscow, RUS6.873 km
Mumbai, IND8.519 km
Singapore11.214 km
Hong Kong, HK12.247 km
Shanghai, CN12.717 km
Beijing, CN12.036 km
Seoul, Korea12.936 km
Rio, Brazil5.470 km
Cape Town, ZA4.039 km
Sydney, AUS15.117 km
Auckland, NZ15.935 km
Honolulu, HI16.749 km
Los Angeles12.732 km
New York City8.821 km


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phone Area codes of urban in Okinawa

Akashi+(00) 81 78Chofu+(00) 81 424Fukuoka+(00) 81 92Fukuoka Ashiya+(00) 81 93Fukushima+(00) 81 245Hakodate+(00) 81 138Hino+(00) 81 425Hiroshima+(00) 81 82Hitachi+(00) 81 294Hiyoshi+(00) 81 45more...

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distinctions to people Time (UTC)

Current people Time(UTC): 14:58 or 2:58 pmCurrent Date(UTC): Mon Nov 15, 2021Monday, 15.11.2021Coordinates: 26� 12" 44" N, 127� 40" 44" OLocal Time Zone: Japan standard Time (JST)Normal distinction from UTC: +9Current difference from UTC: +9No Daylight conserving adjustments known.

huge Data

Signs of the Zodiac: SCORPIO (24.10.2021 - 22.11.2021)Longitude: 0,1122°Lattitude: 2,1289°
day before yesterdayyesterdaytodaytomorrowday after ~ tomorrow
Sun hrs -12:09-12:09-12:09-12:09-12:10
Civilian TwilightBegin14:0914:0914:09
Civilian TwilightEnd03:0203:0203:02
Nautical TwilightBegin13:4413:4413:44
Nautical TwilightEnd03:2703:2703:28
Astronomical TwilightBegin13:1813:1913:19
Astronomical TwilightEnd03:5203:5303:53

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