Sometimes i wonder. What if Michael Jackson married a pretty lady, resolved down in a usually house and also got himself a great therapist.

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No Neverland, No balloon The Chimp, no inappropriate relationships with children.

And what if that left his goddamn confront alone – would he still be here?

But then i think the reality that he was so ‘off the wall’ was all a part of his genius. Hits like ‘Thriller’, ‘Black or White’, ‘Man in the Mirror’, is just how we remember and also love Michael.


Michael to be open about his childhood abuse in ~ the hand of his father, who made him insecure about his looks.

He to be the breakout star of the Jackson 5 v his talent shining through. However as fame came calling his appearance began to change.


“He retained saying: “What execute you think? What execute you think?” i said: “Michael, if it is what friend want, if that gonna do you feel better, get it done.'”

NY everyday News

He also asked LaToya to get her sleep done first, just so he can see what the looked choose on her.

She did and he loved it. He accused went top top to acquire his an initial nose job in 1979.


From there, he just got much more and an ext addicted to transforming his appearance.

He supposedly had numerous operations, including including a cleft to his chin. The pop legend additionally had botox, fillers, cheek implants and also a lip augmentation.


But what would certainly Michael have actually looked liked without every the surgery. A documentary stripped bare the surgeries, showing us what Michael would have looked like.


Written by Christine Haveford

Christine loves all points cinema, and she's to be that way ever because she was a small girl. In fact, she is for this reason passionate around cinema that she determined to go after cinematography together a full-time career, and is now pursuing film studies at the brand-new York movie School. Initially from Florida, she is still trying out the brand-new city, people, places, and the culture, loves the new weather, going ice cream skating throughout winters, and also spending time with her fellow classmates and friends indigenous college.

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