I have a character speak this in a novel set in the 1920s. I doubt it was in use at the time, however I"ve been fooled prior to by this type of thing. (I had actually to delete a sentence in which a 1920s personality says, "It"s out of left field" because that expression is traceable only earlier to 1940 or so.)


Have you confirm Google Ngrams? That can help.

The Ngram shows the phrase what"s your angle an initial appeared in the mid-1920"s, for this reason you need to be okay. However, as soon as using this tool for such verification purposes, it"s crucial to remember that Ngram outcomes are based off of written documents (magazines, journals, and books); there"s a chance the expression may have actually been supplied conversationally prior to it made its method into print. Part sayings have to reach a an essential mass that usage prior to writers begin using the step in their work.

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Old newspapers

Searching the Chronicling America newspaper archives (1836-1922) provided one result. This inquiry was asked in a letter come the New-York Tribune the December 20, 1922:

Dear Sir: A work or so back we had an argument as to what the five leading features for the year to be in sport, even if it is on the part of an separation, personal, instance or a team. We never ever seemed come get everywhere with the debate. What"s her angle top top the height five? F.L.G.

Oxford wgc2010.org Dictionary

Whilst no the precise phrase, the OED"s sense 9b is:

The perspective or facet from i beg your pardon something is considered, regarded, or presented; a viewpoint, a standpoint. Freq. Through preceding editing word.

With pre-1930 quotations:

860 E. G. Parker Reminisc. Rufus Choate viii. 480 From everything angle that looked in ~ the facts, from whatever chords he struck the tones, you heard ever the same recurring strain.

1872 ‘G. Eliot’ Middlemarch II. Iii. Xxiii. 13 Tacit expectations of what would be done for him through Uncle Featherstone figured out the edge at i beg your pardon most human being viewed Fred Vincy in Middlemarch.

1907 E. Wharton Let. 19 Nov. (1988) 124 As shortly as ns look at a topic from the novel-angle I see it in its relation to a larger whole, in every its remotest connotations.

And 9c:

colloq. (orig. U.S.). A method of pull close a task; a modus operandi, a technique or scheme (sometimes v implication of dishonesty or exploitation).

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1920 J. Conway in selection 31 Dec. 8 that finally recorded the ideal angle... Once in Rome perform as the Romans do.