The typical boiling point of Br2(l) is 58.8°C, and its molar enthalpy of vaporization is ΔHvap = 29.6 kJ/mol.

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(a) as soon as Br2(l) boils at its normal boiling point, does its entropy boost or decrease?(b) calculation the worth of ΔS once 1.00 mol the Br2(l) is vaporized at 58.8°C.
Trouton"s dominance states that for plenty of liquids at
your normal boiling points, the traditional molar...... ... Identify ?H°vap for Br2 making use of data indigenous Appendix C. Assume that ?H°vap remains continuous with temperature and the Trouton"s rule holds. (b) Look increase the normal boiling point of Br2 in a... Watch Answer
The normal boiling point of hexane is 69.0°C. Estimate (a) Its enthalpy of vaporization and (b) Its vapour press at 25°C and 60°C. Check out Answer
You propose a new temperature range with temperatures given in oM. You define 0.0oM to be the normal melting point of mercury and 100.0o to be the normal boiling point of mercury. (a) What is the normal boiling point of water in oM? (b) A temperature adjust of 10.0 Mo coincides to just how many... See Answer
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use the normal boiling clues Propane, C3H8, - 42.1 oC Butane, C4H10, - 0.5 oC Pentane, C5H12, 36.1 oC Hexane, C6H14, 68.7 oC Heptane, C7H16, 98.4 oC To estimate the normal boiling point of octane, C8H18. Define the tendency in the boiling... Check out Answer
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expect we vaporize a mole of liquid water at 25°C and another mole of water at 100°C. (a)...... ... enthalpy of vaporization of water does not change much between 25°C and 100°C, which process involves the larger readjust in entropy? (b) Does the entropy adjust in either process depend on... Watch Answer
The element gallium (Ga) freezes at 29.8°C, and its molar enthalpy of blend is ?Hfus = 5.59 kJ / mol. (a) When molten gallium solidifies to Ga(s) at its normal melting point, is ?S hopeful or negative? (b) Calculate the value of when ?S 60.0 g of Ga(l) solidifies at 29.8°C. Watch Answer
The following table lists 5 pairs of m and f values. a. ?m b. ?f 2 c. ?mf d.

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?m 2 f e. ?m 2 see Answer
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