The Public check Server because that The wgc2010.org’s Update 1.6 and also Last Stand will open its doors tomorrow Tuesday, January 24th. This to be announced some hours back in the main forums of the game. In addition, the developers have released the very first preliminary spot notes with a more detailed insight on the upcoming changes.

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Although not fully confirmed yet, the walk live the the PTS will more than likely be about 12:00 pm CET, if again just PC players will be able to participate in this test. Apparently the developers have been working hard to shot to bring the PTS to consoles, but regrettably Xbox One and also PlayStation 4 players need to be a little bit more patient.

Besides the details we have already received in the last couple the days, the new incursion called Lost Signal takes location in a civilian TV Broadcast center taken over by the notorious Rikers gang and features distinctive combat scenarios together as different wings and a last boss fight. Furthermore, the spot notes disclose the new unique Weapon talents of existing Exotic(?) Weapons as well as the collection bonuses that the new SEEKR equipment Set.

As always, store in mind that these are not the last patch notes and that the develop on the PTS is work-related in Progress. They will be updated transparent the test phase. Feel free to share your opinion and also feedback in the official PTS forums.

Expansion 3: last Stand

Please keep in mind that you need to own the Last was standing DLC come gain access to this content. Last Stand video game mode keep in mind that critical Stand will not it is in activated once the PTS opens. It will be set off at a later day during PTS testing.

SHD tech data relays that are loaded through operational details where left behind in the DZ through the JTF was forced to withdrawal. Rogues have actually targeted these data relays and also are attempting to accessibility what’s inside. Engage in 8 versus 8 PvP combat and secure the data before the Rogues can.Fight to regulate three an essential tactical areas on among 4 Dark region maps.In order to capture a tactical location, the team will need to manage three goals inside the location. As soon as the tactical ar is secured, the team will begin scoring points.First team to reach the max score, wins.To help propel your team come victory, players can activate powerful fortifications and also SHD technology tactical boosts.

New attack – lost Signal

Lost Signal takes location in a civilian TV Broadcast center taken end by the infamous Rikers gang.Players will endeavor into three various wings and also face unique combat scenarios. Every encounter is intended to push players come play tactically and also make the best use of your builds.All wings bring their own challenges and rewards; completing every one of them will unlock the last boss fight and also the strongest opposition yet.

Update 1.6

The complying with content, changes, and bug fixes are available totally free for everyone.

Please recognize that the changes listed here are not final and also may or might not be completely implemented top top the PTS. When trial and error on the PTS and also providing feedback, please store in mind the some changes might be lacking and the balancing is tho a job-related in progress.

Game Changes

Dark zone map expansion

Explore three new areas to the phibìc of the Dark Zone. Engage an effective enemies and discover the threats hidding roughly every corner.

Dark zone Leaderboards

Earn rewards in the Dark Zone through participating in weekly and also monthly activities that space tracked via the new Dark zone leaderboards.See how you stack up versus all the players in the Dark Zone ~ above leaderboard activities that reset and adjust every week and month. All the tracked weekly and also monthly tasks count towards your total score. The higher your score, the much better rewards you will earn when the leaderboards reset!

Dark Zone contamination Events

The pockets of virus contamination in the subways below the Dark Zone room festering and becoming even more deadly. Cleaners have actually been attractive to the increasing contamination. Football player must regulate their wellness as the virus eats far at their filter while battling against an effective Cleaners. Clear each Dark ar subway of Cleaners to earn extra rewards.

Legendary difficulty

Pit yourself versus an elite LMB pressure equipped through superior equipment and progressed tacticsLegendary difficulty strips goals of all narrative, every checkpoints and focuses purely on combat scenariosLegendary challenge is only accessible in world Tier 5Available missions: Napalm manufacturing Site, WarrenGate strength Plant, times Square power Relay.

More alternatives for character customization

Explore all new ways of customizing your agent, through weapon skins, backpack skins, new clothing sets and emotes!Visit the Premium seller in The Terminal to unlock premium vanity content; stocks upgrade weekly for this reason check ago regularly!


Increased the moment to revive a downed teammate native 3s to 5s.Bleed no longer blocks sprint. Instead it reduces activity speed through 20%. Added applications update the timer.Medkits have the right to now be offered at complete health and cleanse the personality of all applied status effects.Medkits cooldown has been boosted from 12 seconds to 15 seconds.Players will no longer have the ability to reload their weapon and also sprint in the exact same time. Once sprinting, pushing Reload will certainly drop you the end of Sprint. When Reloading, pressing Sprint will interrupt the Reload.Hipfire stability has actually been significantly reduced once moving.Player camera will now be impacted by hipfire, to reduce his ar of see the longer he keeps firing.There is currently a brief cooldown between each combat roll.Body shot damage has been slightly boosted in PvP (this readjust does not use to PvE, headshot damages is unchanged).Implemented intuitive feedback as soon as an foe player supplies a Medkit.

Dark Zone

Players deserve to now rapid travel in between Dark ar checkpoints.Players will certainly no longer loosened Dark ar experience and also funds when eliminated in the Dark ar if they room not Rogue.Supply drops will now reward Dark Zone suffer as well.

Armor & Resistances

Armor has actually been removed as a significant bonus indigenous items and is replaced with Health.Added a new bonus called “Resist All” which adds resistance come all varieties of condition effects.Older item (pre 1.6) with health and wellness bonus will view this bonus changed with a stand up to All one.Resistances come status results will now minimize the impact instead of having actually a chance to withstand it. This means that a 10% bleed withstand will reduced the bleed damage and duration by 10% rather of having a 10% opportunity to ignore it.When used repeatedly in a short time, the player will certainly naturally develop up resistance to this condition effect. In other words, status effects will now have actually diminishing return when used repeatedly come a player.If the player manages to develop up to 100% resistance to a standing effect, he will then resist it entirely.

Gear Talents

Rejuvenated now gives 40% resistance to all status effects for 10 seconds, when using a Medkit.

Character talents

On the move diminished to 15%.Battle Buddy decreased to 30%.Critical Save lessened to 20%.Adrenaline will no longer use Overheal. Rather it replaces the instant heal of Medkits through a heal over time that can likewise apply while taking damage.


Changes to skillpower:The skillpower curve has been modified, causing less efficient an abilities at short skillpower, and an ext efficient skills at high skillpower.Skills will now scale come the world Tier friend are at this time in as an “expected skillpower” has actually now to be implemented.Diminishing return ~ above Skillpower will certainly not kick in before 450.000 skillpower.All skills have been adjusted to this new scaling.Sticky BombChanged Flashbang mod to only have actually a flashbang effect.Changed Proximity mode to be an EMP result instead.Added warning and hold-up to sticky Bomb. This way that all sticky Bombs will no much longer detonate immediately, yet after some time.First AidDefibrillator will now heal in 2 steps, one instant burst the healing following by a heal over time.TurretShock Turret will no much longer deal any type of damage and also only shock the enemy.Signature Skills:The exhaust that applies after a player got a Signature Skill result is extended to 60 secs (from 30 seconds).Players will no longer have the ability to trigger a Signature skill if they room under the exhaust impact from a vault application.Signature skills cooldown will currently be affected by ability Haste.Tactical LinkDamage bonus is lessened to 10% in last Stand. (this adjust doesn’t apply outside of last Stand, wherein the bonus remains at 30%).Weapon stability will be much more hindered by the rate of fire bonus.Skill Haste equipment bonuses have actually been boosted by 100%.

Gear Sets

D3-FNC4 pieces: once used, your Ballistic Shield has actually no skill mod active. It will certainly no longer remove an important Chance from your weapon.Characters will now immediately switch to their sidearm if the SMG runs the end of ammo.Reclaimer2 pieces: enhanced Support station range.4 pieces: all Support terminal mods are energetic at the same time.AlphaBridge4 pieces: currently only gives the 3rd (free) talent the the unused weapon rather of all three. All talents neglect unlock requirements.Tactician’s Authority4 pieces: now consumes the ability power buff on ability use rather of after ~ 10 seconds.New gear set: SEEKR (This Gear set is still work in Progress)2 pieces: 10% body shot damage.3 pieces: 30% critical Hit damage.4 pieces: after 2 consecutive shots come the body, the following shot is a guaranteed critical Hit.


High-End named items come to be Exotic (name might change):This top quality comes v a new item color.Exotic weapons have been removed from the progressed Weaponry Vendor.Updates resources for Exotics: some sources have actually been relocated around. We also added an ext sources with readjust to drop any kind of Exotic.Exotics Caches have been included to the game. This guarantee an Exotic item as soon as opened.The scavenger crate in the basic of to work will now properly scale with human being tier.Weekly Assignment Caches will currently guarantee one Exotic item.


Recalibrations are now unlimited. This method that as soon as a stat is picked because that recalibration, it have the right to be recalibrated as numerous times at the player has currency to pay because that it. The cost will increase at first but ultimately cap and no longer increase.


Base damages on all weapons has been decreased to balance properly with the reduced damages mitigation native the adjust to Armor (note that NPC health and also damage has likewise been adapted to maintain the Time to Kill and also Time to be killed values pre 1.6).Coolheaded will certainly now have a small cooldown come not create repeatedly v automatic weapons.All called Weapons are now of Exotic Quality.Exotic weapons currently each have actually a unique talent in the third free slot. The various other 2 talents space rolled randomly indigenous the perform of talents accessible to this weapon type.Exotic weapon talents room not moved to the other weapon when using AlphaBridge.Exotic talents cannot be recalibrated.Exotic tools each obtained a distinctive descriptive lore message in your UI.Some Exotic tools now duty as equipment Sets: The distinct talent unlocks once two particular Exotic weapons space equipped.FAMAS is now an Exotic weapon and Uncomplicated its unique talent.MedvedCenter Mass: Shoots heavy slugs instead of buckshot.Hungry HogGlutton: killing a target boosts your damage dealt by 20% until you avoid firing. Multiple death stack this bonus.TenebraeLights out: ruining an opponent weak suggest resets skill cooldowns because that you and also your nearby groupmembers.PakhanPakhan: every kill renders the next reload have actually 20% extra bullets compared to that is base.Liberator & Centurion (Weapon equipment Set)Free Republic: each shot through the Liberator grants +5% to you following headshot damage with the Centurion. Max is 200%. Kills through the Centurion grant +10% RPM to all tools for 10 seconds.Valkyrie i do not care Hildr & Eir (Weapon gear Set)Valkyria: every hit v Hildr increases an important hit damages by 1% to a max that 100/ The bonus reduce by 1 every second.Hildr cannot crit.CassidyBoomstick: twin trigger fires turn off both barrels in brief succession.Urban MDRDistracted: Your damages is enhanced by 10% against targets with condition effects.WarlordPlay rough: damages taken is decreased by 20% while firing. The taken damages is applied when you stop firing.DamascusQuickdraw: When drawn weapon damage is boosted by 20% because that 2 seconds. After that weapon damages is lessened by 20%.Golden RhinoGolden Rhino: rise stagger by 200%.HistorianHistory repeats: Each bullet embers chin in the target and detonates 2 seconds later for 20% Skillpower.CaduceusCaduceus: Each crucial Hit heals you and also your team for 1%.

Open World

Civilians will certainly now always drop Target Intel when helped.Collectibles will now reward players with an ext XP once picked up in ~ level 30.


Crafting High end pistols will no longer expense wgc2010.org TechUpdated survive Cache content: the no longer has a particular drop that weights towards weapons presented in Survival and also has a much more generic fall instead. Exotic items can now drop as a bonus through a small chance.Reviving football player from downed state will now price a Medkit.When matchmaking in Solo PvP Survival, players will end up in a guarantee Solo instance where grouping is not possible.Players deserve to no longer “loot and also kill” various other downed players in PvE Survival.Supplies accessible around the different spawn hideouts have actually been rebalanced.


Killing NPCs will now approve Underground XP instead of common XP. This means that players will certainly no much longer earn typical XP when playing underground.Underground Caches now guarantee two items rather of one. Exotic items deserve to now drop together a bonus through a small chance.


Increased the Weekly Rewards on all difficult and Heroic Incursions.


Several enhancements and bug fixes made to gamepad assistance on PC.

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Bug fixes

Fixed a pest where sometimes consumables would not be in reality consumed when offered in Survival mode or common gameplay.Fixed a an insect where the game would return one incorrect the end of playable map area error in DZ06.Fixed a an insect where the UI would wrongly reflect the defense bonus indigenous Hunter’s confidence gear set talent when two or an ext players had the 4-piece bonus energetic while in nearby proximity.Fixed a bug where players can accidentally usage consumables while browsing the emote wheel.Fixed a pest where the Pulse understand skill would not always trigger the at an early stage warning for enemy characters.Fixed number of instances of Ballistic Shield becoming unusable.Fixed a an insect where Recovery attach would not cause correctly.Fixed a an insect where players would be unable to do anything because that a couple of seconds after making use of a skill.Fixed a an insect where the UI QuickNav duty would not job-related properly.Fixed a pest where crafting material quality would not scale appropriately with world tier.Fixed a an insect on game stations 4 wherein players would be stuck in unlimited loading.Fixed a bug where weapon talents would not activate if the character attribute worths were equal, yet not higher than the requirements.Fixed several instances of delay when using an initial Aid.Fixed a bug where Vigorous talent would certainly not job-related properly.Fixed a pest where football player would have the ability to use consumables infinitely.Fixed a bug where the knowledgeable weapon talent would not work-related for particular skills.Fixed a pest where the Coolheaded weapon talent would mitigate consumable duration.Fixed a bug where the NPC audio would not occupational after ending a Survival video game mode session.