If you are a long time watcher of Casey Neistat’s vlog, climate you know that music dram a huge duty in his story telling. In almost every one of Casey’s videos he uses unique and also upbeat music which provides the endure even an ext enjoyable.

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But where does Casey Neistat uncover music for his Vlog? and also what kind of music is it?


This is great karma because that Casey and also the artist together other civilization can monitor the artist online. Below is a perform of recent artists that Casey has included in his day-to-day Vlogs along with a compilation video.

Jeff Kaale (X ns X X) – StrawberryShine (Safakash X Maxwell Young)Jeff Kaale (X ns X X) – she knewBen Murray-Smith – SaffireJeff Kaale (X ns X X) – ladyJoakim Karud – holiday BluesDyalla – Can’t you SeePanthurr – The open up RoadAqua rock Throne – expect You dont Mindmaxzwell – Buttered PopcornEngelwood x Jeff Kaale (X ns X X) – WoahJoakim Karud – road TripJoakim Karud x Dyalla – great You to be HereCorey Gagné – ice Tea


How perform I acquire My Music Featured on Casey Neistat’s Vlog?

Thats a very an excellent question! and a tricky one in ~ that. Essentially what you have to do to get your music featured top top Casey Neistat’s Vlog is to make awesome music. Its the simple.

Ok you may need to do some outreach. Yet at the end of the day her music will speak enlarge than countless messages chasing him down.

If you have some cool music that you think is up to Casey’s criter then it is precious sharing that within comparable communities that you can find on Soundcloud. Conversely your could call Casey directly from YouTube and also send a connect of your music to him.

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By doing these 2 points you deserve to hopefully get Casey to stumble upon her cool beats and also hopefully it is in featured to millions of people. One various other thing i have noticed is that Casey will play multiple monitor from a musician the he loves his or her music.

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