Q: My expertise was that any bank in the unified States had to accept legitimate U.S. Currency and exchange it.

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Growing up, ns was used to being able come walk into any type of bank and also exchange one kind of U.S. Money for one more without needing an account. I can cash in roll of coins (sometimes they would open them and also count, but not always) because that bills or rest a invoice for little denominations or for change.

During the previous year, I have actually walked into some local banks to "break" a $20 bill for $1 bills which room handy because that tips and also vending machines. I have been called that unless I open an account, that the financial institution would not exchange the bills. I believe the actions are illegal, but I ended up going to the short article Office and buying a solitary stamp to break a $20 bill (they won't make readjust either).N.S., wgc2010.org

A: The operative expression in your question was: "Growing up, I used to be able . . ." Those were different times.

There is no regulation that requires banks to make change. In fact, laws to guard versus money laundering prohibit banks from making change for any kind of old amount.

At PNC, "limited money and/or coin exchange is permitted for non-PNC client up to and also including $25," claimed spokeswoman Marcey Zwiebel. "No exceptions room able to be made to the $25 maximum early to bank Secrecy Act report (to which all currency and coin exchanges room subject)."

"Huntington's plan is no to make readjust for non-customers," said spokesman invoice Eiler. "But if a human comes in the branch, we space pleased to welcome the opportunity to do that human being a customer."

You don't show whether girlfriend actually have actually an account with any bank or credit union. If you do, I indicate you plan ahead and also get your $1 bills from the institution. Or be all set to make a most purchases of postage stamps or chewing gum to rest those $20 bills.

Q: I saw Cox Cable come pay mine bill and also they want my ID, which i didn't have actually with me. They stated I couldn't pay my bill without it. If someone desires to walk in and pay someone's bill, what's wrong v that? Why would they demand ID?

A: If you had actually wanted to pay in cash, there would have been no problem. But because you wanted to pay v a check, Cox needed ID come verify your identity so the firm could procedure your check. So who else might pay your bill by check, as long as the or she had ID.

Q: I obtain at the very least one credit card sell a week. While they give me the alternative of opting the end of receiving these offers, as soon as you speak to the phone number provided, you're request for her Social defense number. The number is the exact same on all provides 888-567-8688.

I am no comfortable offering this information to a agency that currently seems to have a many my an individual data. Is there another way to opt out? do you think the is safe to provide the Social defense number?

P.G., wgc2010.org HeightsA: You're wise to it is in leery any type of time you're inquiry to administer your Social security number.

I've never interpreted why the credit bureaus want to safeguard us so much from someone that is nice enough to have every one of our an individual information but only desires to save us from acquiring credit map offers.

But this "opt-out" phone call number is legitimate. It's a collaborative effort by the credit transaction bureaus, Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and, the lesser-known, Innovis customer Assistance.

You can opt-out one of two people by calling 1-888-567-8688 or through filling the end the form online in ~ www.optoutprescreen.com. Yes, you must provide your name, address, SSN and date that birth.

You can likewise submit the type by mail if you're opting out permanently. But you must begin the procedure online and also then publish the form and adhering to the mailing instructions.You can get more information around opt-outs, and verify this call number and also other call information, by going come the Federal profession Commission's site: http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0262-stopping-unsolicited-mail-phone-calls-and-emailIf, main or month from now, you decision you desire to opt-out from credit transaction card offers and also don't have actually this shaft in former of you, don't simply do an online search for "opt-out" and "credit cards" or whatever. That's a recipe for coming across a cheat website.

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