Want come know much more about the famous Taj Mahal in Agra, India? right here are 15 exciting facts about Taj Mahal the you probably didn’t know prior to reading this!

1.It was constructed to honor the favorite mam of shah Jahan

Many the the world’s many famous buildings have been dedicated to the leader such together Kings and Pharaohs or the Gods. But not the Taj Mahal, it was developed to respect the Mogul Emperor’s beloved wife Mumtaz, who passed away during childbirth.

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Shah Jahan had plenty of wives, which are also buried in the exact same complex, but it to be Mumtaz that was his favorite wife. So there is a romantic and tragic story behind the construction, which has been named as among the most romantic gestures in history.


2. The Taj Mahal is just one of the new seven wonders of the world

In 2007, civilization from almost everywhere the world voted the Taj Mahal as among the new seven marvels of the world. It to be an initiative the was began because all of the old marvels of the world, other than Cheop’s Pyramid, had been destroyed.

Since 1983 it has actually been known as a human being Heritage website by UNESCO.

3.It has Islamic calligraphy inscriptions all over

The Calligrapher left a very humble signature that have the right to be translated as“Written by the trivial being, Amanat khan Shirazi”.

The Calligraphic inscriptions in Arabic are texts indigenous the Quran, and they are beautifully inscriptions in assorted places. The most influential inscription could be the one on the good gate which claims the following:

“O soul, you space at rest. Return to the mr in tranquility with him, and also he at tranquility with you”


4.Cars and buses need to stay at least 500 meters far from Taj Mahal

India has a significant problem through air pollution because of heavy traffic, therefore in stimulate to defend the Taj Mahal from the harmful results of pollution, there deserve to be no cars and buses closer than 500 meters away from the entrance.

But don’t worry, it’s easy to walk from the drop-off.

5.The architecture of Taj Mahal is a combination of Islamic, Persian and Indian style

If I have to select one structure in the civilization with the most impressive architecture and details, it would undoubtedly be Taj Mahal. In pictures, it looks grand and beautiful, but it’s way beyond that once seeing it in genuine life.

You will automatically start to question how have the right to humans construct such a beautiful place, and also why don’t we build places prefer this anymore. That is certainly one that the most beautiful buildings in the world and there room no words the can define the true beauty, beauty of the Taj Mahal.


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5 x surprising Facts about Taj Mahal

The dig is no perfectly symmetrical and the crypt is no decoratedIt is closed every Friday, and also only Muslims who comes right here to attend prayers are enabled in the afternoonThe mogul emperor is said to have spent about 32 million rupees to construct Taj Mahal. If you calculation that amount with today’s value, it would certainly be close to 1 billion USD.The wooden structure would have broke down if the wasn’t positioned on the Yamuna Bank,which has helped save it strong and moist because that centuriesIt was an alleged to be built in Burhanpur where Shah Jahan’s beloved mam Mumtaz died. But when to plan the building it wasn’t feasible to supply enough white marble to Burhanpur, so it was determined to build Taj Mahal in Agra, whereby it quiet stands majestically


5 x Taj Mahal Facts for kids

It is estimated that the building and construction project had actually 22,000 laborers and 1000 elephants working on the siteThe pillars were constructed to autumn outwards in case of a please to avoid them indigenous falling on the tombUp to 8 million travellers come every year and also it’s the most well known landmark in IndiaBoth Mumtaz and the Mogul Emperor shaman Jahan is hidden inside the cryptIt took two decades to complete the mausoleum

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General Facts around Taj Mahal

Here is some more general information that can be interesting to understand if you’re in search of Taj Mahal facts.

Year of construction: indigenous 1632 come 1653.Material: White marble.Cost of building: ~ 32 million Indian Rupees.Built by: shah Jahan (the Mogul emperor)Architect:Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.Location:Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India.Entrance fee: 1000 Rupees for foreigners.

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Yearly visitors: 7-8 million people.

Other buildings

Main entrance(Darwaza-i Rauza)Jawab Masjid– (The Mosque top top the left side)Jawab

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