Explanation: The Taiping Rebellion was a substantial rebellion that arisen in China from 1850 to 1864 between the established Manchu-led Qing dynasty and also the Hakka-led Taiping Heavenly Kingdom. The Taipings were led by Hong Xiuquan, that prodeclared himself the brother of Jesus Christ, and their purposes were spiritual, nationalist, and political in nature. They sought the conversion of the Chinese civilization to the Taiping"s syncretic variation of Christianity, the overthrow of the ruling Manchus, and a change of the state by upfinishing the ethical and social order of the totality of China.

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This civil was ranks as one of the bloodiest wars in humale history, is the bloodiest civil war and the largest conflict of the nineteenth century. Over 20 million people were estimated to have actually been eliminated in the time of this period,via another 30 million human being having fled the dominated regions to foreign negotiations and also various other parts of China.

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For number one the two rivers are Tigris and also Euphrates River.

Number 2 they get decent amount of rain.

I think number 3 would be babylon, mesopotamia

4. It initially flowed with eastern turcrucial and now is flowing with syria, iraq.

5. they believed in immortality and wanted to preserve the bodies, they would pull out your brain by placing a hook or something in your nose and also basically would cut you open and take out your organs, yet put your heart earlier.They would wrap world up and i think they would bury them in the sand thereafter however for pharoahs they would certainly put them in tombs and also have actually them in pyramids.

6. i think its mummification, i dont think they began through mummification in the start.

7-8. Im not sure if you suppose in egypt yet they offered canopic jars to put organs in in the mummification proccess. stomach, lungs, liver, and intestines, i guess they believe those are required for immortality.

9. i think they supplied mud brick and also limestone could supplied sandstone or granite though.

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13 the most prized materials were jade and also bronze.

14. i think it was making silk, they say anyone who was recorded spilling the beans on this trick would certainly be lugged to death.

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