Are girlfriend trying to learn more about computer memory? There are a lot of terms that are an extremely similar. See below for a glossary to explain it.

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Access time—The lot of time the takes to access data native a storage cell. Usually measured in nanoseconds (ns).Antistatic—Used to describe something that prevents electrostatic develop up, such as an antistatic bag.BIOS—Basic input/output system. Provides an interface in between a computer"s hardware and software. The BIOS determines exactly how your hardware is accessed.Bandwidth—The lot of data that deserve to be moved between two pieces of hardware in a given period of time. The bandwidth of plays modules is measured in megabytes per second (MB/s).Binary—A computer system data system based on two digits: 0 and also 1. All info in a computer system is stored and transferred in binary.Bit—Binary digit. The smallest item of data (a 0 or a 1) that a computer recognizes. Learn more about the building blocks the memory.Buffer—A hold area because that data shared by devices that operate at various speeds or have various priorities. A buffer enables a machine to operate without the delays the other gadgets impose.Bus—A course in a computer used to relocate data. A data bus is described in regards to its broad (in bits) and also its rate (in megahertz). The front-side bus is situated within the motherboard, and is the key highway for data. The connects the processor, chipset, DRAM, and also graphics controller. The memory bus operation from the storage controller come the memory development slots ~ above the motherboard.Byte—Eight bits that information. The byte is the an essential unit of computer processing; practically all specifications and also measures of computer system performance are in bytes or multiples thereof, such as kilobytes (KB) and also megabytes (MB).CPU main processing unit or processor. The key chip in the computer that controls operations and data flow.Cache—A kind of memory that holds recently accessed data, i m sorry is draft to rate up subsequent access to the same data. Cache is usually small and really fast memory.

A computer system cache chip in ~ a motherboard. DDR4 ECC memory modules.

Electrostatic Discharge—(ESD). A burst of accumulated static electricity. It"s essential to minimization ESD because static power can cause damage to electronic components.Flash Memory—A kind of non-volatile data warehouse that"s offered in USB flash drives, digital camera flash cards, and also solid state drives. Speed memory offers different an innovation from computer memory (DRAM).Gigabit—An amount of memory same to 1024 megabits (1,073,741,824 bits) the information. Abbreviated Gb.Gigabyte—An amount of memory same to 1024 megabytes (1,073,741,824 bytes) the information. Abbreviated GB.Heat Spreaders—A covering on a theatre module that helps dissipate heat.Hertz—One clock cycle (how rapid a piece of data is composed or read) every second. Hertz are used to measure move speeds in computer systems.JEDEC—Joint Electron an equipment Engineering Council. An organization that develops industry standards for storage operation, features, and specifications.LRDIMM—Load-reduced DIMM. A memory an innovation that enables more DIMMS per channel and also doubles the installed memory capacity of a module, allowing up come 35% greater memory bandwidth.Latency—The quantity of time that takes for memory to respond come a command. Generally, the lower the hold-up (latency), the much faster the device.Megahertz—MHz. A measurement of clock cycles in countless cycles per second. Offered to display memory speeds, for instance 1333MHz or 1600MHz.Memory Controller—The chip the handles the data circulation going to and from the memory. It deserve to reside in the key chipset or in the CPU.Module—A module is the actual storage component. DIMMs (desktop memory modules) and also SODIMMs (laptop storage modules) are the most common species of memory modules.Motherboard—The main printed circuit plank in a computer system that tote the device buses. That is equipped with sockets to which all processors, storage modules, plug-in cards, daughterboards, or peripheral tools are connected.

A computer motherboard.

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