Which the the adhering to did Justinian i reconquer? (5 points) consciousness of Africa prefecture of the east Kingdom the the Franks Kingdom of the Sueves 5. A map of the oriental Empire. The extent of the empire in 527 (including Turkey, the Levant, Egypt and also Greece) is shaded one color. Justinian’s reconquests (North Africa, southerly Spain, Italy) space shaded one more color. Massilia is labeled near France exterior the shaded area. Alexandria and Carthage room labeled in northern Africa. Rome and also Ravenna space labeled ~ above the Italian Peninsula. Athens is labeling in Greece. Ephesus is labeled is in Turkey. Antioch is labeled near the Arabian Peninsula. Which of the complying with routes entails trade outside of the oriental Empire? (5 points) Massilia to Carthage Rome come Athens Alexandria to Ravenna Antioch come Ephesus 6.

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Justinian sought to come around the territory"s prominence and also reconquer the unable to do western half of the old Roman Territory. Emperor Justinian reconquered many previous regions of the Western roman Empire, and Italy, Dalmatia, Africa, and southern Hispania. So among the provided choices, the answer would be A - prefecture of AfricA


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Which the the complying with did Justinian i reconquer?

Prefecture of Africa

Prefecture of the eastern

Kingdom the the Franks

Kingdom the the Sueves

Which that the complying with routes involves trade external of the byzantine Empire?

Massilia come Carthage

Rome to Athens

Alexandria to Ravenna

Antioch come Ephesus


Justinian ns reconquer Prefecture that Africa.

Massilia to Carthage was the path which associated trade exterior of the oriental Empire.

Extra Information:

Byzantine empire =>

1. This realm was also known together Eastern Roman realm or Byzantium.

2. Constantinople to be the resources city of oriental Empire.

3. During Late Antiquity and the center Ages, byzantine Empire was the continuation of the Roman empire in eastern provinces.

4. In the year 1453, byzantine Empire fell down come the footrest Empire.

5. Justinian i was the an excellent emperor from all of the majesties of byzantine Empire due to the fact that he extended oriental Empire to a good extent.

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