32) A ________ market is a location within a larger sector segment that represents a narrower team of customers with comparable needs.

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A) secondary

B) primary

C) target

D) parallel

E) minor

33) i m sorry of the adhering to statements about target industries is incorrect?

A) over there is a distinctive difference between a firm's industry and its target market.

B) The challenge in identify an attractive target sector is to discover a sector that's huge enough for the proposed business but is yet tiny enough to prevent attracting bigger competitors.

C) By focusing on a target market, a firm have the right to usually prevent head-to-head competition with sector leaders and can emphasis on serving a devoted market an extremely well.

D) A target industry is a place within a larger sector segment that represents a narrower team of customers with comparable needs.

E) It's generally easier to find good information about a target sector than an sector as a whole.

34) ________ is performed to identify whether a proposed company has adequate management expertise, business competence, and resources to properly launch that is business.

A) Industry/market feasibility analysis

B) Institutional feasibility analysis

C) financial feasibility analysis

D) organizational feasibility analysis

E) Product/service feasibility analysis

35) The 2 primary worries to think about in business feasibility analysis are:

A) target industry attractiveness and also financial price of return

B) administration prowess and resource sufficiency

C) capital requirements and industry attractiveness

D) ide testing and financial price of return

E) market attractiveness and overall attractiveness the the investment

36) The 2 primary issues to consider in organizational feasibility analysis are management prowess and:

A) sector timeliness

B) concept testing

C) resource sufficiency

D) target market attractiveness

E) total startup cash needed

37) A(n) ________ is the group of founders, key employees, and advisers the either manage or help manage a new business in its startup years.

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A) opening team

B) business man team

C) scout team

D) beginning team

E) brand-new venture team

38) i beg your pardon of the adhering to is an example of a source that generally would not be evaluated as component of the "resource sufficiency" stage of organizational feasibility analysis?

A) capacity to kind favorable business partnerships

B) jae won resources

C) affordable office space

D) vital equipment essential to operate the business

E) crucial support personnel

39) according to the textbook, two of the most important components to consider regarding "management prowess" are:

A) the passion the single entrepreneur or the monitoring team has actually for the organization idea and the degree to which the administration team or sole entrepreneur understands the industries in i m sorry the firm will participate

B) even if it is the members that the monitoring team have actually worked efficiently together before and also the passion the sole entrepreneur or the administration team has actually for the service idea

C) even if it is the members of the monitoring team are an excellent "networkers" and the extent to which the monitoring team or sole entrepreneur understands the sectors in i beg your pardon the firm will participate

D) the educational and also functional backgrounds that the management team or single entrepreneur

E) even if it is the members the the management team are good "networkers" and the enthusiasm the single entrepreneur or the monitoring team has for the business idea

40) come test resource sufficiency, a firm have to list the ________ most crucial non-financial resources that the will need to relocate its service idea forward and determine if those sources are available.