Financial impetus programs have been arisen on the local, state and federal level to help encourage the development of renewable energy.

Below is a perform of programs accessible to new Hampshire residents who have installed or are interested in installing a renewable power system for their residence or tiny business.

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DSIRE is a website which allows your to search for state, federal, and local incentives through zip code. It is regularly updated and also also allows you to find by kind of catalyst or kind of technology.

The united state Department that Energy"s newsletter, EERE Network News, occasionally lists feasible funding opportunities for energy efficiency and also renewable power applications. EERE"s news covers national and international power efficiency and renewable power news and events, as well as new EERE websites and also energy facts.

Local Incentives

Renewable power Property taxes Exemption: RSA 72:61-72 permits cities and also towns to market exemptions from regional property counting for certain renewable power installations. These incorporate solar solution (thermal and photovoltaic), wind turbines, and main wood-fired heater systems. Woodstoves and fireplaces are not included. The goal of the exemption is to create a taxation neutral policy within a municipality that neither boosts an individual"s property tax, no one decreases the municipality"s building tax revenues. Through implementing it as a tax neutral policy, homeowners do not have actually a disincentive of greater property taxes because that installing a renewable power system, and since over there is no net reduction in municipal tax revenues, various other taxpayers in a municipality room not affected.

Below is a simple example of how the exemption might work:

$200,000 Assessed value of the home +$20,000 ad valorem value* the the renewable power system $220,000 new assessed value of the residential property -$20,000 section of assessed worth exempt from home taxes $200,000 new assessed worth of the residential or commercial property w/ the renewable power exemption

See the cities and towns the have embraced one or much more renewable power property tax exemptions based upon data native the department of Revenue management (DRA).

The renewable energy property tax exemption is not administered uniformly throughout the state. Watch the lists native DRA around how every municipality has actually chosen to administer either the solar, wind or timber heating exemption.


If her city or city does not right now offer together exemptions, see measures for adopting local property taxes exemptions and the sample warrant short article for adopting the renewable power property tax exemptions. (Note: regional officials may be unaware the exemptions, together the exemptions may have been embraced as long as 30 year ago.)

If you live in a city or town that provides exemptions and you have actually an installation that qualifies, friend may apply for an exemption by perfect the DRA kind PA-29.

OSI recommends the homeowners and also municipal officials consult the DRA with any questions about the renewable residential property tax exemption laws and also their application.

*"Ad valorem value" means the valuation of the property prior to any type of adjustment for present Use, RSA 79-A or Conservation restriction Assessment, RSA 79-B.

Non-Profit Incentives

Wood Pellet Commercial jae won Incentives Available: The Northern forest Center, a non-profit organization working for rural communities and healthy functioning forests throughout northern brand-new Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and brand-new York, has financial incentives available to assist several commercial buildings in Coos, Grafton, or Carroll Counties move to high-efficiency wood pellet heat. The motivation is 25% of system price up come $10,000 and can be added to the state"s generous incentive. The facility is looking for high-visibility projects and owners who room willing come share your stories and open their businesses to tours. Enterprise with numerous employees and/or high job creation potential are also desirable.The application process is minimal and we can usually make decisions overnight - this is probably the easiest resources anyone can use for! If friend or a building owner you know would like more information, call Program manager Maura Adams in ~ madams or 603-229-0679 x114.

State Incentives

Renewable power Generation catalyst Program: The state, through the general public Utilities board of directors (PUC), has developed a rebate routine for residential renewable electric generating equipment with a generating capacity rated at 10kw or under. The application is available through the PUC Sustainable power Division. The PUC additionally has additional rebate programs for residential and also commercial systems, consisting of rebates because that thermal renewable systems. In ewgc2010.organcement to the PUC rebates, brand-new Hampshire Electric participating members are encouraged to call your energy to learn much more about the renewable energy rebate program offered. These utility rebate programs might be used in combination with those rebates made available through the PUC.

Net Metering: windy Utilities Commission, password of administrative Rules, thing Puc 900, provides for net metering, which patent homeowners to receive credit because that on-site power generation such together from a solar photovoltaic (PV) or wind wind turbine installation as soon as the generation exceeds family members consumption. This is completed by use of an electric meter that have the right to run both forward and backward so that the homeowner is billed just for the net analysis on the meter.

Federal Incentives

Federal tax Credits: over the last numerous years, the federal federal government has readily available a selection of taxes credits because that residential energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. This federal taxes credits space important since they room a dollar-for-dollar deduction indigenous taxes fan to the united state Government. (Please above a qualified tax skilled when to express this info for taxes purposes.)

The tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction versus the income tax due. Added Information is easily accessible from A simplified review of the incentives is also available.

USDA Rural energy For America Program: The USDA has produced this program to aid agricultural producers and tiny businesses in rural areas to alleviate their energy use and expand opportunities for renewable energy. The program concerns grants, guarantee loans, or a combination of the 2 to a variety of projects. Recent awardees in brand-new Hampshire include:

Funspot, Weirs Beach, - replaced all lighting for far-ranging savings on electricity intake EZ Steel and Fabrication, Bath, - mounted a geothermal heater to replace a propane fired mechanism Stuart and John"s Sugarhouse, Westmoreland, - purchased two reverse osmosis equipments to make the production of maple syrup much more energy efficient Van Berkum Greewgc2010.orgouse, Deerfield, - purchased power curtain because that greewgc2010.orgouse to mitigate oil costs by limiting heat loss in ~ night and blocking extreme heat build up during the day Pleasant check out Gardens, Pembroke, - purchase a wood fired boiler system to change an oil fired mechanism that got rid of the usage of #2 heater oil and provided far-ranging cost save

Eligible Areas: areas of much less than 50,000 populace and no contiguous come a neighborhood of 50,000 or more. In new Hampshire, all communities would be eligible except Manchester, Nashua and also any communities sharing a border with these cities.

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