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Research on communication skills of nonhuman primates discover that

a. They, too, own a global grammar

b. They can"t incorporate the calls for food and also danger right into a solitary utterance

c. Mrs nonhuman primates are an ext sensitive to different shades of environment-friendly than their male counterparts are

d. They can construct elaborate call systems, often indicating several messages simultaneously

e. Only apes, not monkeys, use call systems

When Washoe and Lucy tried come teach sign language to various other chimpanzees, this was an example of

a. Displacement

b. Call systems

c. Productivity

d. Social transmission

e. Estrus

Recent study on the beginning of language suggests that

a. The capacity to remember and combine etymological symbols is implicit in all mammals

b. A mutation in human beings (which occurred around 150,000 years ago) may have actually conferred selective advantages (linguistic and social abilities)

c. Fine tongue and lip movements that are vital for clear speech are passed on through enculturation

d. A sudden event made toolmaking possible for Homo

e. Contact systems advanced into complicated languages 50,000 years ago

b. A mutation in human beings (which occurred around 150,000 year ago) may have conferred selective advantages (linguistic and social abilities)

What is the examine of communication through body movements, stances, gestures, and also facial expressions?

a. Ethnosemantics

b. Kinesics

c. Biosemantics

d. Protolinguistics

e. Diglossia

The scientific study the a talked language entails several interrelated locations of analysis. I m sorry area refers to all of a language"s morphemes and their meanings?

a. Syntax

b. Ethnosemantics

c. Ethnoscience

d. Phonology

e. Lexicon

What go the Sapir-Whorf theory state?

a. The degree of social complexity is connected with the performance of languages as equipment of communications

b. The Hopi execute not use three verb tenses; they have no principle of time

c. Various languages create different means of thinking

d. Society and language space transmitted independently

e. Dialect variation is the result of toint-training practices

Studies ~ above the differences between female and also male american in regard to the color terms castle use suggest that

a. In opposition to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, it could be more reasonable come say that changes in society produce changes in language and also thought quite than the reverse

b. Alters in American economy , society, and culture have had tiny impact top top the use of shade terms

c. In support of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, different languages create different ways of thinking

d. Women and men space equally sensitive to marketing tactics of the cosmetic industry

e. Women spend much more money on status items than men do

a. In opposition to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, it can be an ext reasonable to say that alters in culture produce changes in language and also thought quite than the reverse

Which the the complying with statements around sociolinguistics is not true?

a. They are concerned more with power that with competence

b. They look at society and in ~ language

c. Lock are came to with linguistic changes

d. They quantify what human being say

e. They inspection the diffusion of genes in between populations

e. They inspection the diffusion that genes in between populations

Honorifics space terms supplied with people, regularly being added to their names, come "honor" them. Why would sociolinguists be interested in studying the use of honorifics?

a. They permit sociolinguists to examine language and culture outside the its context because the exact same honorifics are used everywhere and they mean the very same thing

b. Due to the fact that honorifics always honor the human being being addressed, sociolinguists have the right to study the positive side of language and also culture

c. They might convey or suggest a condition difference between the speaker and also the human being being referred to or addressed

d. They administer data about how various languages are concerned one another, i beg your pardon is what sociolinguists are primarily interested in

e. There is no reason for contemporary sociolinguists to it is in interested in honorifics since people don"t usage these terms anymore

c. They may convey or indicate a condition difference between the speaker and the person being described or addressed

Which of the following statements around Black English Vernacular (BEV) is false?

a. That lacks required linguistic depth to totally express thoughts

b. Many aspects of BEV additionally are existing in southern white speech

c. BEV effectively conveys meaning

d. Linguists see BEV as a dialect of SE, not a various language

e. BEV has actually grammatical rules

a. The lacks forced linguistic depth to fully express thoughts

_____ describes the capability to create new expressions through combining other expression, while _____ is the ability to describe things and events that are not present.

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Productivity, displacement

Variation in speech in various contexts or cases is recognized as _____.

style shifting

_____ refers to the presence of "high" and "low" dialects within a solitary language.

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In a stratified society, even human being who do not speak the prestige language tend to expropriate it as "standard" or superior. In Pierre Bourdieu"s hatchet this is an circumstances of _____.

symbolic domination

The world"s etymological diversity has actually been reduced in fifty percent in the previous _____ years, and fifty percent of the continuing to be _____ languages are predicted come disappear throughout this century.

500, 7000

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