which of the following statements about pesticides and herbicides is no true? a. Castle can get in waterways, polluting them. B. When the pesticides and also herbicides break down, they are no much longer harmful. C. Pesticides and herbicides room widely provided in agriculture. D. Pesticides and herbicides have the right to have an adverse effects on the environment.

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The statement around pesticides and herbicides that is no true is:

B) once the pesticides and also herbicides break down, they are no longer harmful.In fact, they remain harmful long after they break down.


Pesticides and also herbicides space infections and, regrettably, they deserve to harm more than just the “pests” at which they room targeted. They space toxic, and also susceptibility to pesticides deserve to not only develop a number of health effects but is associated to a range of significant illnesses and also diseases in humans, from respiratory tract obstacles to cancer also they are damaged down they room still dangerous and can infect other things.

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A wealthy male named Richard Ellis had actually been counting his money. As soon as he finished, that accidentally left a $100.00 bill on his desk. Yet when he returned for that a quick while later, it was gone. Just two other human being could have actually seen the bill. One was the maid; the other was the butler. The maid said him the she had hidden it because that safe-keeping under a green book that was on the desk. But when lock looked the bill was not there. The butler said he had uncovered the bill wherein the maid had left it. He had placed it inside the book, wherein he assumed there was much less chance that someone would uncover it. He had written down the page numbers so the he would not forget them. The bill was in between pages 35 and 36, that said. However when they looked, there to be no money in the book. After ~ Mr. Ellis had actually talked come th
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Four jolly males sat down to play, and played all night till break of day. Castle played because that cash and also not for fun, through a different score because that every one. Once it came time to square accounts, castle all had made quite fair amounts. Now, no one has lost and also all have obtained - call me now, this have the right to you explain?
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Four middle-aged world were reminiscing around their separation, personal, instance journeys v life. 2 of them to be college grads, and the other two were service people. The first was heard come say, "When I taken place upon that uranium deposit, that’s what started me off to a well-off future." The 2nd replied, "No such luck because that me. I never ever recovered financially from the skunk-farm fiasco ns inherited from my relative." The 3rd person said, "If i hadn’t taken revenge on my opponent and also got all the money from him, i would more than likely have finished up in the poorhouse." Lastly, the 4th person responded, "Well, you 2 tycoons can celebrate her riches obtained in life, yet that shrunken head collection I invest my money in, and also my wasting my money on $5,000 toupees, raccoon coats, and also buying a R
A man and also a woman go into a overfilled room whereby many world they have actually seen before are present. The man and the woman go into the room separately, but only among them enters come a musical serenade. One more man speaks to every of them for a couple of minutes as soon as the two gain together in the room. The crowd has actually been quiet for the most part, and the familiar people seem to it is in in a happy mood, but when the man and also the woman leave the room, they find the crowd is now exterior waiting for them. Once the crowd sees the man and the woman, they start shouting and throwing food at the two as they shot to depart the area. What was going ~ above here, and also why go the group pelt the man and also the woman through food?
I no longer have actually eyes, but once i did see. As soon as I had actually thoughts, yet now i’m white and also empty. What to be I?
Two teenagers, extended in tattoos and dressed in black color leather jackets v chains roughly their necks, strutted into a neighborhood business. Every of the teens was carrying a long, tapered, hardwood stick. Once they gotten in the room, castle arrogantly announced in a loud voice, “We are here to beat everyone in this room, and no one can stop us!” numerous of the patrons started to leave the end the back door, fearing a confrontation to be unavoidable. The two, true to their words, proceeded come beat everyone in the room through their sticks, regardless of being heavily outnumbered. Everyone that dared to stand as much as them was beaten in turn, yet no one dubbed the police to avoid the beatings, and also the owner of the establishment thanked them for coming ——— and even invited them back! has society completely fallen to pie
pain does all of the adhering to things other than __________. A. Show potential risk in atmosphere b. Signal existence of injury in the human body c. Alert human body to existence of condition d. Warning the body around a herbal disaster
Near a castle without a moat, a well-known queen was captured and held hostage by a dark and an effective enemy force. Numerous of her faithful servants make the efforts to break through opponent lines to free her, yet most of them were eliminated during battle. However, one of her servants was able to break v the enemy’s defenses to cost-free the queen—at the cost of his very own life; yet he knew he can never go earlier once he had actually started. Have the right to anyone determine this famous queen and the lowly servant that performed the biggest sacrifice to conserve her?
A bus driver to be heading down a street in Colorado. That went right past a prevent sign there is no stopping, that turned left wherein there to be a "no left turn" sign, and he went the wrong method on a one-way street. Then he walk on the left next of the road past a cop car. Tho - that didn"t break any kind of traffic laws. Why not?
A bus driver was heading down a street in Colorado. He went right previous a protect against sign there is no stopping, that turned left whereby there to be a "no left turn" sign, and he walk the wrong means on a one-way street. Climate he went on the left next of the road past a cop car. Quiet - that didn"t break any type of traffic laws. Why not?
If someone to be to compose a biography around us, the following might be reported: #1 - Some civilization claim we deserve to cure hiccups. #2 - If you are down and also a little blue, you can be enduring me. #3 - The four of us are covert from view and are wait for girlfriend --- underneath her car. #4 - E.C.T., no etc., has this frightening therapeutic nickname. #5 - no trying to sound corny, yet we are frequently seen in ~ farmer’s markets, roadside stands, and also garden centers, especially in the Fall. Based on the biographical information over --- Who/what are we?
In the early on 1900’s in England, there was 2 towns: city A and town B, and there was a vast river in between them. The only method across to each town was through a long bridge with a guard article in the middle. It take it 20 minute to overcome the bridge from one next to the other and also 10 minute each means from the guards tower. There to be no hiding clues on the bridge so people couldn’t sneak past, and also the security comes the end every 5 minute or therefore to check to see if anyone is trying come cross. The security tower to be placed because of a legislation that stated that no one was big to leaving their own town into the other because of political reasons and also anyone who was caught by the guard would be fined and also told to rotate back. Many world have tried to cross but have always been caught, even really fast runners have only ab
Looks favor water, however it"s heat. Sits on sand, Lays ~ above concrete. World have been known, To monitor it everywhere. But it gets them no place, and all they deserve to do is stare.
Four males sat dawn to play, lock played all night till rest of day. Castle played because that gold and not for fun, With separate scores because that everyone. When they had come to square accounts, lock all had actually made fairly fair amounts. Have the right to you the paradox explain, If no one lost, how all might gain?
I thrive on trees, i make some human being wheeze. I can be brown or black, I have the right to be used as a snack. Some animals bite me, some pets hide me. They save me because that Winter deep in the ground, the begin to dig down down down. For human beings I have a very an excellent taste, occasionally they throw out a part in the waste! What am I?
Special results used to present slides in a presentation room ………………. (a) transitions (b) results (c) custom animations (d) annotations
Once every year a farmer walks around on his farm yard property, picks out his favourite tree, and chops that down v an axe. He climate drags the tree home and also puts the in a metal bowl. The farmer then spends time lovingly caring for the tree by watering the every day and also providing it v the best plant food money have the right to buy to save it as healthy as possible. 2 weeks later he litter the tree outside, sets it on fire, and also burns it to a crisp. How can you explain this noticeable drastic readjust in the farmer"s mood toward this tree?
Which is no true through respect come cathode beam ? <1> (a) A currently of electrons. (b) charged particles (c) relocate with same speed as that of light. (d) can be defl ected through magnetic fi eld
My first is a negative greatly in use, whereby people begin when they median to refuse; My 2nd is Fashion, or so dubbed in France, But, like various other whims, is the servant of chance. One article always in usage is my whole, with texture and form under fashion’s control; But, alas! no a thing have the right to it view which go by, Although many have 4 sights, and all have one eye.What am I?
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