The simplest form of network is composed of:

Two or an ext connected computers.

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Switches and also routers.
Network operating system (NOS).
All the the above.

The technique of slicing digital messages into parcels, sending out them follow me different interaction paths, and also then reassembling them after they come at their location is called:

Packet switching.
Client-server computing.
Data warehousing.

The TCP/IP layer the is responsible for offering the communication and also packet services is the:

Application layer.
Transport layer.
Network user interface layer.
Internet layer.

The machine that is forced to translate digital signals right into analogue form and back again is referred to as a:


Which of the following is not a local area network (LAN) topology?


The transmission medium that is composed of strands of clear glass fibre, every of the thickness of a human hair, which room bound right into cables, is:

Fibre optics.
Microwave and also radio frequencies.
Twisted wire and coaxial cable.
None the the above.

What tells the internet browser software exactly where to look for the info being requested?

Domain name.
HTTP (HyperText deliver Protocol).
HTML (Hyper text Markup Language).
URL (Uniform source Locator).

A collaborative net site whereby visitors deserve to add, delete, or modify content, including the work-related of vault authors, is a:

RSS (Really simple Syndication).

The wireless networking traditional that is valuable for developing small personal area networks is:

Bluetooth technology.
Whitetooth technology.
Toothless technology.
None the the above.

Which of the adhering to statements around radio frequency identification (RFID) is not true?

RFID solution transmit radio signals over long distances.
Companies may be compelled to update hardware and also software come accommodate the massive quantities data that are being created by RFID systems.
RFID systems provide a powerful technology because that tracking the movement of goods throughout the supply chain.

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RFID systems use small tags with embedded microchips comprise data about an item and its location.
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