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All that the complying with were popular varieties of online marketing before 2007 except:

A) e-mail.

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B) corporate net sites.

C) mobile marketing.

D) display screen ads.

Which of the complying with is no true around social marketing?

A) much more than 50% the Twitter"s ad revenues are produced by desktop users.

B) social marketing is cultivation at approximately 30% a year.

C) society marketing different markedly from traditional online marketing.

D) In society marketing, business cannot tightly control their brand messaging.

18) i m sorry of the following is no true about mobile marketing?

A) mobile marketing is the faster growing form of digital marketing.

B) mobile marketing is cultivation at approximately 60% a year.

C) A substantial component of mobile marketing need to be counted together social marketing.

D) people use many of their mobile minutes while they are on the go.

The 2nd most famous social network in state of median minutes every visitor is:

A) Google+.

B) Pinterest.

C) LinkedIn.

D) Tumblr.

Which the the adhering to is the an initial step in the social marketing process?

A) community

B) amplification

C) pan acquisition

D) engagement

Encouraging users to click a Like button is an instance of which step in the society marketing process?

A) fan acquisition

B) brand strength

C) community

D) amplification

Your on facebook News feed includes all of the adhering to except:

A) standing updates.

B) app activity.

C) Likes.

D) tweets.

Which that the following statements around Graph find is no true?

A) It counts on Google to supplement its search results.

B) the is a semantic search engine.

C) it is a social search engine.

D) It consists of photos.

Ads that show up in a facebook user"s News Feed are called:

A) Marketplace Ads.

B) promoted Ads.

C) Page short article Ads.

D) Brand Ads.

Which that the complying with do facebook users invest the many time on?

A) News Feed

B) Photos

C) Profiles

D) Graph Search

Which that the following is a history of her actions ~ above Facebook?

A) News Feed

B) Timeline

C) Ticker

D) society Graph

Which the the complying with statements is not true?

A) about 50% that Facebook"s ad revenue in 2014 is intended to come indigenous its mobile ad platform.

B) The only method to access Facebook indigenous a mobile an equipment is to use a mobile app.

C) mobile ads are shown in users" News Feeds.

D) Facebook"s mobile advertisement revenues are its fastest growing revenue stream.

All that the following marketing tools on Facebook call for payment except:

A) Brand Pages.

B) Right-Hand Sidebar Ads.

C) News feeding Page write-up Ads.

D) mobile Ads.

The ratio of impressions to fans is a measure up of:

A) engagement.

B) amplification.

C) community.

D) fan acquisition.

Which the the complying with provides marketers through a real-time digital dashboard therefore they can see tweet activity around a TV show, commercial, or brand?

A) intensified Profile Pages

B) Amplify

C) lead Generation Cards

D) supported Accounts

32) i beg your pardon of the following requires a coupon or other promotional market that shows up in users" Twitter timeline?

A) advocated Tweet

B) advocated Trend

C) advocated Account

D) lead Generation Card

Which that the adhering to statements around Pinterest is not true?

A) Pinned photos and photo board are obtainable to every Pinterest users.

B) Pinterest users space overwhelmingly female.

C) Pinterest permits users to incorporate their pins right into their facebook News Feeds and Twitter streams.

D) Pinterest is the only one of the major social networks the does no accept payment advertising.

Which that the following are features of both Pinterest and Twitter?

A) tweets

B) hashtags

C) pins

D) Image hover widget

All the the adhering to are Pinterest marketing devices except:

A) Brand pages.

B) Product Pins.

C) advocated Pins.

D) advocated Accounts.

The number of people exposed come pins is a measure up of which of the following?

A) engagement

B) community

C) brand strength

D) pan acquisition

Which that the complying with is one online company specifically aimed in ~ measuring the influence of Pinterest and other visual social media?

A) TweetDeck

B) Curalate

C) Amplify

D) Webtrends

Which that the following is the top app in terms of both audience size and also share of time spent?

A) YouTube

B) iTunes

C) Twitter

D) Facebook

Which of the complying with statements is no true?

A) Google is the top display ad site on mobile devices.

B) Google is the largest distributor of video clip ads on the cell phone platform.

C) Mobile declaring is conquered by Google.

D) Google charges an ext for desktop computer ads 보다 it charges for mobile ads.

Which of the adhering to is the most popular use because that mobile devices?

A) shopping

B) socializing

C) entertainment

D) performing tasks, such together finances

Physical retail products accounted for approximately what percentage of m-commerce sales in 2014?

A) 55%

B) 65%

C) 75%

D) 85%

Which the the following categories do human being most use their mobile tools for?

A) entertainment

B) socializing

C) shopping

D) reading news and also magazines

Which the the complying with accounts for the most mobile ad spending?

A) screen ads

B) find engine advertising

C) video ads

D) SMS text messages

Which the the complying with is not a major provider that mobile screen advertising?

A) MoPub

B) iAd

C) AdMob

D) Webtrends

Which that the following is another term because that amplification?

A) impressions

B) reach

C) conversation rate

D) conversion ratio

Which of the complying with is currently a small part of the digital marketing universe, but is meant to triple end the next 5 years?

A) regional marketing

B) location-based mobile marketing

C) mobile marketing

D) society marketing top top Facebook

Macy"s deployed which of the complying with technologies in every its retail stores in 2014?

A) QR codes

B) iBeacon

C) E9-1-1

D) Geo-search

Which the the adhering to earns the most location-based marketing revenue?

A) Twitter

B) Apple

C) Facebook

D) Google

A recent Google survey uncovered that ________ % the smartphone customers visit a keep within a day of conducting a neighborhood search.

A) 15

B) 25

C) 50

D) 75

Google uses which the the adhering to to build a an international database that wireless accessibility points and also their geographical locations?

A) E9-1-1

B) Street watch cars

C) iBeacons


Facebook"s re-publishing price fell significantly after the IPO because investors fear that:

A) Facebook"s brand-new marketing remedies would be daunting to monetize.

B) brand-new social networks such together Instagram were cannibalizing Facebook"s audience.

C) privacy concerns were driving users away.

D) Facebook would certainly be can not to increase heralding revenues fast enough to justify its price.

Which the the following enables Facebook to monitor user behavior on various other sites and also then offer the info to marketers?

A) open Graph

B) favor button

C) hashtags

D) Whatsapp

Which that the following is no true around Facebook News feed Page short article Ads?

A) They have actually a tiny tag indicating that they space sponsored.

B) They can be liked, shared, and commented on, simply like any News feed post.

C) They cannot contain links.

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D) They have actually social context

How go Google Analytics monitor user habits at a participating web site?

A) cookies

B) beacons

C) server logs

D) super cookies

Which analytics device did Fairmont Hotel use to measure up the performance of its virtual marketing and advertising?

A) Webtrends

B) IBM Digital Analytics

C) Google Analytics

D) A practice Hadoop solution

Companies room not permitted to collect personal information from youngsters under the period of ________ there is no parental consent.

A) 8

B) 10

C) 13

D) 16

Which the the following was the object of the FTC"s first-ever COPPA enforcement activity involving mobile apps?

A) Disney"s Playdom

B) W3 Innovation

C) Snapchat

D) Yelp

How have the right to a smartphone"s gyroscope and also accelerometer be used in product marketing?

A) to speed up shipment of huge multimedia files

B) to locate the user"s geographical position

C) to improve user communication with mobile multimedia

D) to carry out accurate data ~ above the user"s destination and speed

Which society marketing confirmed the most efficient for

A) Facebook

B) YouTube

C) Pinterest

D) Instagram

Which that the adhering to most aided Dagny Aslin the in creating her brand in the niche area that selling luxury competition horses?

A) integrating online and also offline marketing approaches to develop a continuous brand

B) adapting marketing methods to store up with new Internet technologies

C) valuing high quality over quantity at each phase in the internet site advance process

D) establishing customer needs and also habits as the peak priority in every marketing decisions

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