Being sexually energetic needn"t average risking an unwanted pregnancy. How much perform you know around contraception?


1. I m sorry of the following statements about using a lubricant with prophylactics is many correct?

a) A water-based lubricant is best due to the fact that an oil-based lubricant can connect with the latex in the condom.b) an oil-based lubricant is best since it is more slippery and far better at reducing friction and also breakages.c) Lubricants must only ever be used on the external of the condom.d) Lubricant placed inside near the condom"s base is a an excellent way to improve sensation.

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2. I m sorry of the adhering to is no a method in which the linked oral contraceptive pill (ie the pill) works to stop conception?

a) It avoids the ovaries release eggs.b) It increases a woman"s immune so her antibodies strike sperm.c) It changes the lining of the uterus for this reason a fertilised egg is less likely come implant and survive.d) that thickens rubber at the opened of the uterus so it is harder because that sperm to pewgc2010.orgrate.

3. How countless hormones are in the mini-pill?

a) Oneb) Twoc) Fived) None

4. A woman using the Billings an approach for birth manage relies top top which crucial feature to tell her whether she have the right to safely have actually sex?

a) The number of days because the last period finished.b) The number of days because the last period started.c) A change in cervical mucus consistency.d) Lower abdominal pain in the center of she cycle.

5. How reliable a contraceptive is the withdrawal method, in i beg your pardon the penis is withdrawn native the vagina before ejaculation?

a) It typically works 96 per cent of the time.b) It commonly works 78 per cent of the time.c) It generally works 63 every cent of the time.d) It commonly works 52 every cent that the time.

6. How countless ejaculations does it usually take because that a man"s vas pipe (the pipe that carry sperm indigenous the testes to the penis) to be complimentary of sperm after a vasectomy?

a) approximately eight, yet only a semen test can tell because that sure.b) up to 16, yet only a semen test can tell because that sure.c) approximately 24, yet only a semen test deserve to tell for sure.d) It"s time (two months) fairly than the variety of ejaculations that"s critical.

7. The emergency contraceptive (morning after) pill can be taken increase to exactly how long after intercourse?

a) 24 hours.b) 36 hours.c) 72 hours.d) 120 hours.

8. Because that menopausal ladies aged over 50, when is it safe to avoid using contraception?

a) 2 months ~ the last period.b) 12 months after the last period.c) 6 months after ~ the critical period.d) 24 month after the critical period.

9. Can you conceive while breastfeeding?

a) Yes, it"s possible to obtain pregnant while breastfeeding.b) Yes, it"s possible but just if you have had much more than three children.c) Yes, it"s possible, but only if you have actually had much more than 2 children.d) No, breastfeeding is a fail-safe kind of contraception.

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10. Will certainly taking antibiotics avoid hormonal contraceptives favor the pill working?

a) Yes, all antibiotics interfere v hormonal contraceptives.b) Yes, particular antibiotics interfere with these methods of contraception.c) No, this is a myth.d) No, in truth some antibiotics make hormonal contraceptives an ext effective.