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1. The correct answer is Option D. They are susceptible to hyper suggestibility. 2.…View the full answer

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Transcribed image text: Question 1 A possible explacountry for why civilization follow cult leaders without question is because they prone to because of an altered state. O perceptual suggestibility hypercognition O cognitive distortion hypersuggestibility Inquiry 2 To what perform researchers attribute falling asleep? The release of sleep chemicals and also the shutdown of the hypnogogic device The release of sleep hormones and also the synchronization of brain fads O Shutdvery own of the hypnogogic device and also lessened muscle activity Decreased muscle task and also the release of sleep hormones Inquiry 3 2 pts Kara is in Stage 1 of the sleep cycle, and also her body jerks in response to her feeling prefer she is falling, which wakes her. You tell her not to issue, as she just experienced a which is not harmful yet normal. hypnogogic hallucicountry hypnic hallucination hypnic jerk hypnotic jerk 2 pts Concern 4 Most dreaming occurs during sleep. NREM REM NREM Stage 1 NREM Stage 2 D Concern 5 2pt Which statement concerning exactly how a lot sleep civilization need is correct? Many older human being need at least ten hrs. Men require even more sleep than woguys The average adult requirements around salso to eight hrs of sleep a night. Womales need more sleep than guys Inquiry 6 2 pts Good sleep hygiene consists of which of the following strategies? Winding dvery own before sleep, getting right into a regimen, and eating before bed Exercising regularly, keeping substances in examine, and also painting bedroom wall surfaces pale blue Getting into a regimen, using the bedroom only for sleep, and exercising close to bedtime Limiting caffeine and also power drinks, gaining right into a regimen and winding dvery own prior to sleep Concern 7 2F 2 The content of a college student's desires may relate to bereason desires reflect our getting right A's biggest desires O an outdoor task with friends; normal social tasks failing an exam; waking problems O a monster under the bed, childhood issues Question 8 2 pts The 3 significant theories of why we dream encompass O psychological worth, restorative worth, and also random activation restorative value, random activation, and also psychological worth cognitive value, restorative value, and also psychological worth O mental value, cognitive worth, and also random activation Inquiry 9 Marcus defined a dream to his friend in which he was running dvery own a dark alley and also being a by a big, growling wolf. Freud would certainly say that Marcus was describing the his dream O manifest content of latent content of O unaware reflections of o hidden problems stood for in Question 10 The concept says that desires assist strengthen discovering and also memory processes and strengthen freshly learned memories. random activation cognitive worth emotional value psychological activation Question 11 How does the activation-synthesis hypothesis define dreaming? The brain processes surfacing repressed sexual urges. O Biological attempts are made to make recent memories even more permanent. The brain combines random activations and also bodily sensations in a coherent way. The brain supplies fancy symbolism to disguise "unthinkable" topics. Concern 12 The tranceprefer state in which a person responds easily to suggestions is Stage 4 sleep hypnosis coma meditation Inquiry 13 The performance of presenting a hypnotized perboy with a series of recordings about regulate and healthy eating, in order to help through weight loss, would certainly depfinish on the pers O extremely motivated O asleep cognitively dissociated O extremely suggestible Concern 14 Various methods of concentration, reflection, or focusing of thoughts are O aerobic tasks subliminal relaxation O meditation sensory deprivation Inquiry 15 meditation entails narrowing one's focus to a solitary object, whereas meditation entails allowing one's attention to circulation easily and also concentrating on whatever before comes Awareness, concentrative Focused; imagiaboriginal Imaginative; focused O Concentrative; mindfulness Concern 16 Psychoactive drugs rate up task in the main nervous system are capable of influencing reasoning, memory, or conscious endure O slow-moving dvery own task in the central nervous device are derived from the opium poppy; they relieve pain and produce euphoria Question 17 2 pts which can cause participation The a lot of commonly used and abused psychoenergetic drug is in high-hazard habits. O cocaine alcohol heroin marijuana Inquiry 18 2 pts Nicotine, cocaine, and also amphetamines are taken into consideration stimulants depressants narcotics psychogenic drugs Inquiry 19 2 pts The 2 the majority of crucial symptoms of physical dependence on a drug are tolerance and failing to attfinish crucial occasions due substance use o withdrawal and substance abuse tolerance and also withdrawal intolerance of a lot of anything and withdrawal Inquiry 20 2 pts Selma notices that as her supply of marijuana decreases, she starts reasoning even more and also more around wright here she deserve to get an additional supply, while likewise feeling nervous and also anxious. This is an instance of withdrawal tolerance physiological dependence O mental dependence